Exclusive! Inside the Mind & Behind the Scenes with Spanking Superstar Amelia Jane Rutherford

amelia jane rutherford spanked at firm hand

Pictured above: a cherry-red themed graphical tribute I made for Amelia Jane a few years ago, based on a fav otk image from Firm Hand Spanking,

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Are you ever curious to know what is going on behind the scenes, and inside the mind, of one of the most famous, and prolific, spanking superstars of our time? Perhaps, the most famous since the heyday of Rosaleen Young?

Was that a rhetorical question? I think so. And if that model is the truly exquisite, cold-shower inducing British lass Amelia Jane Rutherford, armed with those legendary alabaster rear-end globes, I think you will certainly want to read this exclusive, splendidly spanktastic post.

AJR offers us the behind-the-scenes scoop on seven spank pix somewhat randomly selected by The Cherry Red Report, including her first-ever(!) spanking photo shoot. By the way, I was simply gobsmacked by the impossible task of trying to select a few yummy images for this article, I mean, has AJR ever been in a bad pic?? My challenging research reveals the answer is a resounding “NO.”

[Editorial Note: I am certainly aware she has shot for heaps more bum warming companies than are included in this bloggie post–we have hopes for a Part Deux at a later date, to include other spanking producers. . .]

This Strictly English AJR Vol. 1 is must-viewing. Watch it now On-Demand at CherryRedMovies.

As you all are aware, AJR is one of the root causes of global warming. With a solidly-booked schedule of glamour/fetish shoots and bottom-warming spanking vids around the world, the ubiquitous AJR just also might be the hardest working bottom in the butt percussion biz.

Shakespearean-trained actor? Check. Pro-trained ballet dancer? Check. Intelligently naughty and strikingly beautiful? Check. Immensely popular glamour/fetish/bondage model? Check. Gorgeous bottom insured by Lloyds of London for, if my sources are correct, 4 Million? Check.

Writes, directs and stars in some of her own films? Check. A wonderful, generous soul who is both graceful and always gracious, whip-smart and delightfully funny? Check. Alluring British accent? Check. Forgot to update her excellent blog recently because she forgot she had a blog? Check. OK very well then, I could go on, alas, I think I shall stop rambling now. . . .

Anyway, after periodic correspondence over the past year, AJR was kind enough to respond with her thoughts on several classic photos, offering invaluable insights from one of the most famous spanking stars of our generation.

Hope you enjoy this blog post, and a big THANK YOU! to Amelia Jane Rutherford for sharing her commentary and thoughts with The Cherry Red Report. And hopefully we can post at a later date a Part Deux with a few more images from other companies.

[FELLOW SPANKOS: Comments are welcome and encouraged as always. We do read all comments! And I’m sure Amelia Jane would love to hear your feedback and such.]

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Dallas Spanks Hard

amelia jane as a naughty cheerleader who gets the strap from Dallas of Dallas Spanks Hard

Dallas [who was recently featured in an exclusive interview on this blog HERE] from the site Dallas Spanks Hard contacted me way before I’d considered being a spanking model, on a mainstream modeling site. I asked me if I’d like to work for him. Oh dear, I’d have LOVED to work for him, but I was scared it might ruin my career as a ‘normal’ model. So I said I was really sorry, I’d love to but I couldn’t.

He cleverly gave me a pass to his website, and I spent the next 6 months (on dial-up) avidly watching all his movies. They’d pause every 20 seconds or so to buffer because of my slow connection, but I was so transfixed that I was happy to wait. So when I decided to take the plunge and do spanking work, I went to LA as soon as I could and shot with him.

It was very hard, but I had a really wonderful time and I flew home the next day feeling very proud of myself. This picture is taken from my second shoot with Dallas. From watching his work, I knew of course that second shoots were always more severe than first ones, so I was extremely scared! It was the final day of my trip, again (because of the marks!) and so the shoot hung over me all week. I was even more nervous than the first time!

Dallas and his lovely girlfriend Sabrina had really made an effort, and got me a fabulous cheerleading costume to wear. When I was growing up in England, I’d always wanted to be an American cheerleader, and of course I’d ALWAYS wanted to be spanked. So it felt marvelous to fulfill both ambitions at once. In this picture, Dallas had progressed to using one of his really scary straps on me.

I cried a lot during this shoot, not least because Dallas always likes to find out what you’ve been doing wrong in your real life before punishing you. So it was quite a meaningful spanking. Hooray for Dallas! I flew home the next day, feeling really high from the experience, but too sore to really sit on a plane for 10 hours. And they gave me the boots, which I love very much because they’re a reminder of a great day.

* * * *

Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking website

Hmm, I’ve always admired Chelsea [of GoodSpanking fame]. She really is very beautiful and I know she’s got very high tolerance for pain. Which made me feel a bit intimidated about working with her. She’s absolutely lovely, and made me feel very much at ease, but even so, I was definitely a bit scared about the 30 minute spanking session she wanted to shoot, with me NOT in character, but just responding like myself.

This felt quite personal and I was worried about showing an audience how much I like spanking. It’s less embarrassing to pretend to hate it. This picture is from the middle of that spanking. I was having a super time by this point – I wasn’t really embarrassed any more and I was enjoying not having to fight back the way I normally do.

I love being spanked in jeans because I think it’s more exposing having them taken down, than just having your skirt flipped up. This is a happy memory, thanks Chelsea!

* * * *

Clare Fonda

Oh, I do like this picture from Clare Fonda’s spanking sites, and I hadn’t actually seen it before you sent it to me. I wasn’t expecting Clare to be so strict (I really should do my research) but she was a pretty scary authority figure! She’d also got me a really cute skirt, which I teamed with long grey socks.

I love wearing uniforms – I don’t get to do it all that much but it makes it very easy to get into character. By the time she spanked me, I’d already taken a long series of punishments from Lana, so I was pretty sore. But it was important that the movie ended with a bang, so it was another hard spanking. I was quite a whiny character in this video! But Clare was fabulous.

* * * *

Firm Hand Spanking

Now this is a very vivid memory! It was my first shoot with Firm Hand, and it was my first full-day spanking shoot. I had no idea how I was going to cope with 12 punishments shot in one day, especially since they’d involve implements I’d never experienced before.

One of these was the paddle. This is a shot from the first paddling I’d ever taken. It was over shorts, so I didn’t think it’d be particularly hard to take. But my goodness! After the first stroke, I just thought ‘NO, that CAN’T be right!’. It was just so painful, I thought there’d been some kind of mistake.

Alas, that’s just what the paddle feels like. And at the end, I realized I was going to have to do another scene with it on the bare…. I’m still very scared of the paddle, and am always amazed by the marks it leaves. I’m really glad that they don’t get used on me in real life, only at shoots. I like the picture though, I’m proud of getting through that scene at Firm Hand!

* * * *

Northern Spanking

This is from my first, two day shoot for Northern Spanking. I’d already made a full-length movie (called Wheatley Manor) with them, and they’d become good friends. This time, we were shooting a series of stills and videos for their site, and this picture comes from a stills set.

There didn’t really need to be any actual spanking, but it was the first set of the whole weekend, and I was excited about getting spanked, so as you can see, I did get spanked for real 🙂 The scenario is one of my personal favorites, about being woken up in order to be punished. I think it actually might have been my idea, and we shot it at night, just before I really did go to bed.

I’d never worked with the top before, and he’s one of my very favorites. Apart from being strict, he’s a very gentle, kind man, so it was another very happy shoot with the folks at Northern Spanking 🙂 Sometimes it’s hard to pull such sad faces when I’m having a great time! And I love wearing little white vests and panties, it feels perfect for spanking.

* * * *

Firm Hand Spanking

One of the reasons I really like working for Firm Hand is that they let me write and direct my own movies. Which is rather hard work, but hugely rewarding because I can make my fantasies come to life with all the details that make them hot.

This still is from my ‘Bodyguard’ series, which is based loosely on the Kevin Costner movie. I saw it when I was much younger, and thought the idea of having an authority figure who was basically employed to boss you around was REALLY, REALLY sexy. The slightly confusing power relationship has appealed to me ever since.

In this sequence, I’m fantasizing (in the bath) about my bodyguard being my headmaster, and punishing me for cheating in a maths test. It’s not a romantic scene, but the story as a whole was really lovely, with my character gradually realizing how comforting it is to have someone looking after your best interests. I’m really proud of this shoot, and it’s a happy memory.

We shot in a super hotel suite too, which had great biscuits. Mmmmm.

[VIDEO PREVIEW: CLICK HERE for a short ‘n’ hot paddling video preview from this film, and a few more piccies.]

* * * *

Girls Boarding School

This is a picture from my first ever spanking shoot ever! Ever. And it was absolutely terrifying.

I contacted Girls Boarding School when I decided to try spanking modelling, and I’d never been spanked hard, or caned, or anything really! They were very approachable on their website, which made it easy for me to decide to shoot with them first.

And they flew me to Spain for the shoot. I landed at the airport with a nasty headache, brought on by pure fear. I was really frightened that I wouldn’t like the reality as much as the fantasy, and that they’d think I was useless.

This picture is taken after the first spanking, which was exceptionally painful. The director thought I was over-acting and told me I didn’t need to pretend it hurt so much. But I wasn’t pretending! And I still had 4 scenes to shoot afterwards.

My headache started to get even worse, but by the end of the shoot I was very over-excited and high on adrenaline. This picture reminds me of a very important day in my life, when I discovered I really do like spanking for real! I had the worst bruising ever the next day. I flew home the next day feeling very sore (and very naughty) indeed.

* * * *

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20 thoughts on “Exclusive! Inside the Mind & Behind the Scenes with Spanking Superstar Amelia Jane Rutherford”

  1. Both Sabrina and I ADORE her!. I mean if you ever met her you would know what I mean. You will not find another with this much charm, wit, good humor and intelligence in one package. If you couple that with the fact that she is a REAL SPANKO … You may have the perfect woman here!
    Our shoots are always funtastic.! I was very sick the last time we worked ( not contagious- LOL ) She carried that video ( picked up the ball and ran with it) Sabrina has always had a fascination with the D Cowboys cheerleaders. It was her concept… she found the wardrobe for AJ. Got her the boots ( she planned to give them to her all along )

    Let me tell you this…when she turns away from camera in those short-shorts…. all your spanking fantasies will come true!
    We are excited about her next tour ( and our shoot ) where we plan to bribe her with the smells of Del Taco & some good old fashioned spanking LOL

    I am happy she works with so many…someone this wonderful should be shared. We love you AJ… simply put …every once in a BLUE MOON someone will come along that is SO SPECIAL that they rocket to stardom….she is that rocket!


  2. We thoroughly enjoyed shooting with Amelia-Jane and found her to be completely genuine, entirely sweet and funny and witty, too!

    When she first arrived, I was taken a bit back by how much taller than I she is. Topping her was a challenge, at first, but once we were more comfortable with each other, which only took about an hour, we had a great time.

    After the shoot, we wanted to go out for drinks to get to know her a little better, but she was tired and I sensed some nervousness. I think the shoot she had coming with Dallas, either the very next day, or the day following had her on edge. Completely understandable!

    We very much hoping that the next time she makes it to L.A., she’ll plan us into her schedule again!

  3. When Amy Denison dropped off the scene, I thought I would never see a very tall, long-legged beauty grace the pages of Firmhand again. Then along comes sweet Jane with a hall of fame posterior. And she’s literally everywhere!.

    While I absolutely love women of shorter stature (mine included at 5’3″), AJR is a head above the rest. We are all very lucky to have her.

  4. Oh, what a lovely way to construct an interview! Well done Dave for getting AJR to actually do one, this was super 🙂 I have huge amounts of admiration and respect for her work, more so the more I see of it. I will never be this effortlessly flexible or graceful. But that’s okay, I’m extremely glad she is so I get to watch 🙂

  5. don’t really know her work but I like these pics ya got up here of her and those nice round sugartushy hineybuns! that last one with the skirt up and panties down just under the buns, wow! its so round and cute! perfect tushy for Chelsea and Sinn to put over their knee for some hand to hiney combat, lol! who would win you ask? well the fans of course, hehehehe!

  6. Goodness me! Thanks so much for the lovely comments, everyone – and thank you Mr Cherry-Red, for interviewing me. It’s much appreciated, and I’m sorry I was so hard to pin down…

    Thanks again, your blog is super. (and thanks, Pandora, for making me blush…)

  7. What would we do without AJR ? She’s adorable and how lucky are those who get the chance to warm her delicious rear ? Swooon !!!!!

  8. Yes, Amelia Jane, you have another fan downunder. You’ve always been my favourite spanking model.
    If you ever get to Australia, look me up and I’ll give you a very warm welcome indeed.

  9. I would like to say you could by far be one sexiest woman on earth, but to allow someone to spank you in a Dallas Cowboy cheerleading uniform. Angers me greatly. I personally dislike Dallas greatly, and his site. Have you ever visited Dallas Texas THE CITY? Not the man who thinks he is so great the world named a city after him. Have you been to a Dallas Cowboys football game. If you ever want to go to an actual game or visit the actual city let me know.

  10. Yes, Clint, I agree with you entirely on both points. Amelia Jane is glorious and one of the most delectable women on the spanko scene.

    As for the other Dallas, well ’nuff said, I re-christened him ‘Dull Ass’, rather than have him associated with the fine city of Dallas, Texas 🙂


  11. Thx for the comments folks, but kindly let’s keep this civil. If there are personal issues between people, please carry that conversation privately via email……and not via a comment chain on this blog. 🙂

    Many thx!

  12. I joined Firmhand and got to see Amelia on that site. She is truly glorious. I love the bodyguard series b/c that is a real fantasy I bet a lot of women had after the Costner movie(me included) I also think the dynamics between her and Brynn (I am not clear on his name tho I believe he is the owner of the site) is pretty incredible. They have quite the chemistry. It is like a really good spanking romance novel come to life. It is a wonderful series as is AJR.

    Another thing I like about her is how verbal she is, I like her acting and communication skills. She is a treasure.

  13. Yes, Gabby, I agree. I’ve watched parts of that movie many times and they do seem to spark off each other. He’s a very dominant male type and she’s a sassy English girl in need of a good firm spanking. They both seem to enjoy what they do. Lucky guy!!!!

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