The Cherry Red Caption Contest: Win a 1-month Pass to a Clare Fonda Site


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Win a 1-month pass to the Clare Fonda site of your choice. And be the envy of all your friends.

G’day spankos. You know, its been about eleventy seven months since CRR’s last caption contest, so it’s time we post another official “Cherry Red Caption Contest,” this time with an actual prize.

Any ideas on what is going on in this puzzling yet tushy-tingling foto above, from Clare Fonda’s “Girl Spanks Girl” site featuring the just blogged about AJ Rutherford and the ever strict Lana? Me neither.

Be that as it may, feel free to submit a suggested caption [or very brief bit of dialogue] in the comments section, and the CRR editorial team will choose its favorite caption. [One entry per person please. Thank you.]

PRIZES: Whoever’s entry is chosen shall thereby win a 1-month pass to any one of the five Clare Fonda sites of your choice. Once you choose which site you want, I will have Clare email you directly with your 1-month pass. It’s that easy. Get your captions on, people, and have some fun! 🙂

Clare Fonda’s websites:

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Anyone associated directly with the Cherry Red Report blog, its affiliated ventures henceforth, and also Clare Fonda Enterprises Worldwide, Inc., and residents of Clare Fonda Manor in the Porn Valley region, and relatives wherein and related to Clare Fonda i.e. “Momma Clare,” including current and former Sweeties, shall be nullified via radius exclusion from any prizes, cash gifts, or future stock options, associated with this officially sanctioned offer. All legal boundaries within the continental United States and the global nether regions shall be honored, as long as entrants shall have the right to remain silly. If number of entries is equal or less than two (2) within 30 days, this contest shall be terminated post haste across the Internets; forthwith entries shall not be accepted via postal mail, carrier pigeon, Morse code, or other forms of communication methods, included but not limited to Twittering.

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24 thoughts on “The Cherry Red Caption Contest: Win a 1-month Pass to a Clare Fonda Site”

  1. Sorry if my caption is along Hermione’s line, but it was the first thing that poped into my mind. Here’s goes::

    Walk dog. Check. Drop off laundry. Check. Water plants. Check. Get Spanked. Check. …….

  2. This is so unfair, I’m getting a Cherry Red Tushy just for checking out all these naughty sugartushy hineybuns on the Cherry Red Report, ironic but so unfair!

  3. *Reads out loud* ” Instruction number 4, Having removed the subjects knickers and positioned her over a convenient piece of furniture, raise your hand to a height just above shoulder level. Instruction number 5, bring your hand rapidly down…………..”


  4. “When you’ve finished making up that assignment, I’ll be finished spanking you! Then we’ll talk about your punishment.”

  5. Submitted via email by CRR reader Joe Q.:

    Here is my entry for your caption contest.

    The woman writing would be thinking to herself:

    “This always happens when the boss dictates a poison pen letter.”



  6. Heather thought the census job would be easy until she encountered the bottled up frustrations of the unemployed people stuck at home.

  7. You don’t seem to have included a closing date.
    If I’ve missed seeing it then I’m sorry.
    If I’m right then a date would be appreciated by everybody.

  8. lolllll……oh my, so many creative and very funny entries! 🙂

    Colin: I have not announced an official closing date for this caption contest. Entries are still welcome. I will be announcing the results shortly. Thx! 🙂

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