A Brief Q&A with the Lovely Jolie from Real Life Spankings

Jolie gets punished hard for real-life transgressions, thongs-down, at Real Life Spankings.

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The Dutch models on Real Life Spankings, a popular spanking website based in The Netherlands, continue to desensitize my brain matter into a smoldering, deviant mass of molecular spanko soup. Translation: RLS is a nifty website.

Many of their models have that next-door-girl look; always sport amazing tushies; sometimes end up with real tears; and inherently end up with toasted tails, well-done, served up hot ‘n’ fresh.

The models from RLS come from all walks of life, and I dig the diversity. And lest I forget, they do a good deal of adventurous ass tanning in the great outdoors.

The only thing I do NOT like about this company is that I don’t work for this company as chief spanko scout and head perv. I could learn Dutch and live in Assterdam. Really, I could do that if needed. Been to Amsterdam before–it is a charming city, from what I recall.

Anyway, the editorial team here at CRR thought it would be fun to post a short Q&A with one of the latest butt percussion victims at RLS, the lovely and talented Jolie [No relation to Angelina].

From poledancing for fitness, to thongs vs. bikini panties to her craving for “loving” yet firm discipline, all shall be revealed with Jolie, including a most amazing posterior.

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* * *

Thank you Jolie for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. It is a pleasure and an honor.

You are welcome!

So how did you end up shooting with Real Life Spankings? I mean did Mike [RLS owner, and primary spanko] find you? or did you find RLS?

My best friend jokingly showed the RLS website to me. And then said that is what I needed. And she was right. I contacted Mike and Kelly, and before I knew it my panties were around my knees and I was getting a red bottom.

Had you been spanked before? If so, by whom?

No. I have never been spanked before I started shooting for RLS, but it has fascinated me for years. The Internet has helped me a lot in learning about spanking.

Would you consider flying to Boston and helping me out at The Cherry Red Report ? πŸ™‚

I have never been to the US so yeah!

I could show you around Boston. BTW, if you were over my lap, I dunno, I think that would be heavenly.


You look quite lovely in those skimpy thongs of yours. Do you typically prefer thong panties, instead of the more traditional bikini panties?

I prefer to wear thongs most of the time. But Mike prefers to have me wear bikini panties, some of the time, for when we are shooting spanking scenes.

If I may ask, is your bottom warm right now from a recent spanking? or is it lily white at the moment?

Well, right now, it is still a bit red right now actually, from the last spanking Mike gave me for wearing way too sexy clothes to my day job. And he spanked me in the nude! I love the way he surprises me sometimes like that though.

Do you have a favorite ‘role’ you like to play [schoolgirl, etc] or are you really being punished for real-life transgressions at RLS?

For the video shoots, yes I do get punished for real life things, but maybe in the future I would love to play the naughty schoolgirl one day in a video. Or a nurse πŸ˜‰

Nurse? Yum. Feeling feverish…. lightheaded, suddenly…errm….


Do any of your friends know about your interest in the spanking fetish? and your shoots with RLS? or do you keep it private?

My best friends know about it.

What is your favorite way to be spanked?

Over the knee is my favorite.

What is your least favorite way to be spanked?

Well, I think the diaper position is my least favorite for spankings. It’s obviously embarrassing — and revealing, too.

What are your thoughts on the hairbrush? Should all brushes be reserved just be for brushing hair ONLY?

LOL yes definitely! Mike gave me a few hard swats with my own hairbrush as a warning the other day, and it stings a lot!

Jolie, can you share with us some of the naughty things you are getting yourself into right now in real-life?

Well, I am quite lazy and messy sometimes and I like to stay out way too late.

Jolie you are grounded. Forever! What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done–that you were NOT punished for at all ?

Shhhhhhh πŸ˜‰

lol…Do you think about spanking a lot? and fantasize about it often?

Yes, I do quite a bit. My friends think I am crazy! But I love to be disciplined by a strong (and loving) Man. The loving part is really important to me. I hate seeing girls beaten just because it has to be harder and harder online all the time.

If i may ask, as I know it’s often for punishment, but do you find being spanked arousing and erotic?

Yes of course, I find being spanked quite arousing and erotic although I am not what you would call a pain junkie. A spanking has to be with the right person, and then it blows me away.

Are you originally from The Netherlands or elsewhere?

I am a Dutch girl yes. Born and raised living in The Hague.

What are some of your non-spanking interests and hobbies? vanilla interests and such?

My interests are shopping and sleeping in hahaha. I also poledance for fitness.

What bands/music are you listening to these days?

I like a lot of different music like trance, hardcore, and R&B.

Thank you Jolie, and continue being naughty please!

I will don’t worry and You are most welcome.

* * *

For more info and preview pix, point your browser to Real Life Spankings.

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