Crocodile Tears: New Spank Art from Kami Tora

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Sexy hot NEW spanko art, at long last, from hardcore fetish/spanking illustrator extraordinaire, Kami Tora. It’s been too long, Kami, since we last featured your signature glowing cherry-red crimson bottoms on The Cherry Red Report!

Here we have a bun-toasting new illo, entitled “Crocodile Tears,” with the artists’ delicious “wet at both ends” theme. Yum.

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4 thoughts on “Crocodile Tears: New Spank Art from Kami Tora”

  1. Kami Tora is truly one of the greatest contemporary spanking illustrators. Lovely picture. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Dave!

  2. Many thanks, karl, for the flattering praise, I really appreciate it!

    And thanks to Dave for featuring my work again, glad y’like it (^_^)!

  3. Hi Dave! Is Kami japanese? He is magnificent. In spanish we have the same expression “lágrimas de cocodrilo” crocodile tears, very normal for the spankee…

  4. I love when you post Kami Tora artwork! His way of capturing of the heat emanating from a spanked bottom is just so sexy!

    From a spankee’s perspective however, I will note that “crocodile tears” means fake tears, and lest we forget, spankings hurt! I can’t remember ever faking tears. In my perspective, that’s like faking an orgasm. As a rule, it’s just not done.

    Thanks for the sexy pic! I’m sure it will stick in my head today.

    xx Abby

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