The Terminator: Rise of the Spankos

The Terminator: Rise of the Spankos

Anyone seen the latest butt-kicking Terminator blockbuster starring Christian Bale and Clare Fonda?

Let me tell you, Clare Fonda kicks serious cherry red ass in her role as the last remaining spanko on Earth, attempting to survive against the crushing power of the ubiquitous “machines” !

But will the devious digital devices rule the kingdom, or will the ass-sizzling spankos inherit the Earth — and what is left of it?!?!  Run…don’t walk to your nearest theater.

[This has been a movie poster parody exclusively created by the pervy mind of Dave at CherryRedReport.]

* * *

Image of Clare Fonda used with kind permission of Clare Fonda Enterprises.

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5 Responses to The Terminator: Rise of the Spankos

  1. Nice one Dave 🙂 I notice some of the adverts in your side bars are a bit more artistic than the original versions as well.


  2. tim says:

    :: yes very amusing ,Clare now has a new site ,naughty diaper girls which is good cute girls being spanked etc. best wishes tim .

  3. Jenni Mack says:

    🙂 very creative Dave! Well done!

  4. Clare says:

    I would bitch slap Christian Bale

  5. Mr Hyde says:

    Too funny and nicely done! Hopefully you have some more spoofs/parodies up your sleeve, Dave! 😀

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