Kami Tora: Hammer of the Gods

Hammer of the Gods spanking illo by Kami Tora

Throwing back the wine tonite.  Jamming to some hip-hop.  Be gentle with me.  And moved to this new place, but I think I accidentally moved to a retirement community, as it’s 11 p.m. and I can hear. . . crickets. :evil: WTF.   I’m ready to get my party on.  Anyone with me ??

Hot off the press, the latest electrifying artwork from fetish/spanking illustrator Kami Tora, entitled “Hammer of the Gods.”  Enjoy the eye candy.  And if you enjoy spanking artwork, do perv on over to Veralsi’s Spanking Showcase, which features over 40,000(!) illos in the member’s section.

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6 thoughts on “Kami Tora: Hammer of the Gods”

  1. Who’s that on the receiving end, Loki’s little sister?

    Kami Tora is truly one of the greatest spanking illustrators. He’s right up there with Paula Meadows in the Valhalla of spanking.

  2. HIP HOP?! 😯

    Sheesh and here’s me thinking you were a man of mature years with GOOD TASTE. 😛

    Just goes to show that you should never judge a spanker by his er……….blog!!

    Great Thor piccy – when I was a kid here in Northern UK I used to buy all the Marvel comics I could get my hands on. It’s probably through reading these that my love for erotic female art came about. I remember having the hots for the Wasp, Black Widow and the Scarlet Witch (drool!!)

    The Thor movie cannot come fast enough for me and as for the Avengers flick…

    That image has given me idea’s – may go hunting for some female superhero botty online. 😈

    Keep on blogging..


  3. Karl: Totally agree on Kami Tora, though I’m not that familiar with Paula Meadows.

    Ian: Yes I do love all genres of music, including hip-hop 🙂 Was not aware of the forthcoming “Thor” movie…and the Avengers too. Cool!….Hope there’s a spanko scene in ’em.

  4. I LOVE this image! If you look close, you can even see her tears fly! Still, I think she should be kicking her heels rather than keeping her legs perfectly still like that. I really, REALLY like to see a woman’s legs scissoring and her feet fluttering like birds when she’s being spanked!

    Does anyone know who the subject is? She DOES look like she could be Loki’s little sister, or even his daughter for that matter!

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