Of Shadows and Light; SpankoLife; Sinn Sage; And More

Hello spankos. OK back to normal. My server was acting up, but the glitch was corrected. Tech support told me it was “tushy overload” (?) whatever that means.

Jolie spanked at Real Life Spankings

Anyway, I was browsing through the truly massive archives at Real Life Spankings, and this image above featuring the ever exquisite Jolie, who was recently interviewed on this blog HERE, really captured my eye. Just had to frame it. Wonder if I put this print on the wall, and I’m thinking it would go spendidly well with my brand new cherry-red colored couch and chair, which just arrived a few hours ago. I love interior discipline. Decorating, rather.

The sun filtering through the shades likely fooled the camera, and underexposed this tantalizing tableaux of domestic discipline from Real Life Spankings; yet the darkness and the light, the shadows, gives an artistic, alluring quality to this image. Sometimes photography “mistakes” make the best photos. I gotta’ give a shout-out and love for RLS — this site’s diversity of models, their real yet loving hard discipline of hotties, and very frequent updates make for a top-notch site. Heaps of wonderful photos and fast-downloading high-res vids too.  Many outdoor scenes as well. Bravo to Mike and the RLS team.

SpankoLife poster by CherryRedReportIN OTHER NEWS: Have you been to SpankoLife yet? This is an insanely wonderful social networking site designed JUST for spankos. [To the right is a SpankoLife promo badge from the CherryRedReport Graphix Design Lab.]

While the equally wonderful networking site FetLife embraces hundreds of of kinks and fetishes, SpankoLife is purely devoted to spanking. Easy to navigate and fun to use, definitely sign up and start connecting. Who needs FaceBook and Twitter when there is SpankoLife? Actually, I did start Twittering and tweeting, but no clue what I’m doing with my tweets within the twittosphere.

SINN SAGE IS HOME SWEET HOME: Spanking and fetish/adult supermodel Sinn Sage, of Spank Sinn fame, who suffered a very serious head injury a few months ago, is back home !! She has informed this blogger she is getting much better, though  I’m sure she has a long road to full recovery.  She told me all the prayers, emails and kind words from the community “helped her to survive.” We love you Sinn Sage! [I must say her Spank Sinn site, for those who crave and dig erotic, incredibly loving yet sexy-hot spankings, may be the hottest of its kind I’ve ever seen.]

COMING SOON: An interview with the delicious Jenni Mack, who recently made her Spanked Sweeties debut. Please do check out some free galleries of J-Mack HERE and more HERE.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: The hard-working editorial team at CRR has in the works a blog post which shall feature the spanktastic Erica Corvina, from PunishedBrats fame. Do stay tuned. Other items are in the pipeline include a fun feature on adult flilm star,  mainstream actor, and spanking model Kayla Quinn of BadTushy fame, who was recently featured in an exclusive Q&A on this blog here.

IN PRAISE OF CANE-IAC: I am now officially armed and dangerous! This blogger recently acquired some “toys” from the fine implement manufacturer Cane-iac, where all items are hand-made. And affordable, too. Hope to blog about them soon. [Related Post: The Cherry Red Implement Buyer’s Guide, featuring 6 cool companies.]


* * *

Hundreds of spanking videos available in a juicy pay-per-minute format: CherryRedMovies. Easy and Discreet and Convenient.

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4 thoughts on “Of Shadows and Light; SpankoLife; Sinn Sage; And More”

  1. no such thing as “tushy overload” at least I hope not or my computer is screwed, its all I know, lol! you are correct Sinn Sage does have the most incredible erotic spanking site ever! her videos give me chills every time I see one of her spanktastic shiny hiney tushy masterpieces!

  2. yes spankolife is a great site for us spankos i signed up .glad Sinn is making such good progress .your interviews sound great .best wishes, tim .

  3. Okay, you’ve all talked me into it. ➡ I joined Spankolife today.

    I’m still Hermione there, and look forward to chatting with spankos.


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