The Creator of SpankoLife: The CherryRed Q&A

It’s a spanko world. We just live in it.  Right?

So if you are a spanko, who needs FaceBook, Twitter or MySpace when there is SpankoLife?

In my two years of blogging, I believe that SpankoLife is certainly the most significant new spanko specific site to hit the Web. And the most insanely popular.

The brainchild of lifelong spanko and web genius Neil, the website SpankoLife is a rapidly growing social networking site for spankosexuals, a virtual playground & forum for spankos around the world.

You can message and chat. Join regional groups. Post pix, vids, even music files.

This site is no flash in the pan — on average, 1,500 people are joining SpankoLife every month(!).

SpankoLife founder Neil was kind enough to chat with The Cherry Red Report about the genesis, and the future, of SpankoLife.

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For starters, I  want to thank you for “friending” me on SpankoLife.

Your welcome! You were one of the first ones in the blogosphere I invited and it was great to see you sign up — I was happy to “friend” you.

Do you think spankos will someday take over the entire world?

Well here’s hoping! I am not sure we will ever take over the world but it is great to see spanking become more and more “normalized” in mainstream media and not always lumped in with S&M or made out as something only done by perverted old men.

So what inspired you to create SpankoLife?

I have been a member of the mainstream social networks like MySpace and Facebook almost since their inception and like most spankos tried to find others who shared my passion for spanking at those sites. But as anyone knows who belongs to those groups they don’t make it that easy to do with their policies on what is acceptable to post about spanking or other adult activities.

So I thought wouldn’t it be great if we could have a whole area just like those well known sites but was developed by spankos and for spankos. After waiting for the last couple years for someone to make that type of place I realized that maybe it would not happen if I did not try it myself. So I started working on it last year and with lots of learning curves to get past I finally was able to launch SpankoLife in June this year.

What are your thoughts on the similar fetish social networking site FetLife? Did FetLife inspire you in any way to create SpankoLife?

Yes it did, although I had actually been thinking about the concept of a spanking social network before FetLife launched. I was chatting with a spanko friend about my idea for Spankolife and she said she thought it sounded awesome but said:  “have you seen FetLlife?”

I signed up right away and although I really thought it was a fantastic site and so well designed, it also didn’t feel very “Spanko” to me and leans much more the the BDSM end of the spectrum in look, feel and types of people it attracts.

I do dig FetLife, and its splendid design and such, but I feel wayyyyyy more comfortable on SpankoLife, as I essentially just have the 1 spanking fetish. Are you hearing that from other site members?

Yes, Fetlife is very cool and really filled a needed niche for the BDSM fetish community. But as most people into spanking know, BDSM and spanking are not necessarily the same thing and spankos tend to have different interests, sensibilities and views on spanking then those who are into BDSM.

While there certainly is overlap between the two areas I know a lot of spankos have said the same thing to me as you; that they feel more comfortable here and love being among only those who share their common passion for bare bottom spanking.

God-willing, if I meet some amazing naughty female from the Boston/New England area via SpankoLife, I will be indebted to you forever. Let’s hope for the best! My lap is empty in real-life at the moment.

I am sure there is some cute little spanko girl out there for you and I hope you find each other at SpankoLife. That is certainly one of the aspects of SpankoLife that I had hoped would develop and it is gratifying to think that our network might help bring some spankos together.

When did you launch the site, and how fast has it grown? How many members do you have now?

We did a soft launch in the middle of May this year but officially launched June 1, 2009. The growth has been a real surprise to me, I had hoped that spankos might slowly learn about SpankoLife and join up but it reached critical mass much faster then I had expected with the help of a few bloggers like yourself.

After a couple weeks we were up to several hundred members but by the end of June we were already at over 1500 members. As of mid July, SpankoLife is just under 2300 members strong and growing by about 40-50 spankos per day.

How many members on average are joing weekly? monthly?

We are growing by about 40-50 spankos per day. One of the really gratifying things is seeing where all the members are joining up from each day. We have new members everyday from all over the world, from spanking passionate countries like the UK, USA or Germany to censored countries like Iran and China and everywhere in between.

One of my goals when I started SpankoLife was to make it truly international and bring Spankos of all races and nationalities to one place where the language of spanking is the thing everyone has in common.

Are your surprised at the success and growth rate?

Yes and No, I was surprised, as I mentioned that it really did catch on quicker then I expected. But I do think it was something that spanko community was waiting and hoping for just like I was, so in that regard I am not surprised at the success so far.

Is your server bandwith bursting at the seams? a very good problem to have. . .

Yes! Because of this much quicker growth the bandwidth has been severely taxed. A site like this uses a lot of bandwidth because of the videos and pictures posted by members as well as the live text, audio and video chat that we have. Obviously this bandwidth costs money and while its great to have so many members sign up and be active it has presented some challenges on how to ensure SpankoLife remains viable and stays here longterm.

SpankoLife is 100% free to join and I intend on keeping it that way but I do need the help of our members to keep SpankoLife running. I recently have added a donation button on the main page which goes directly to pay for bandwidth at SpankoLife and I invite all our current and new members who enjoy SpankoLife to make a small donation to help defer costs.

Any luck on developing an official logo?

Yes, I have a few spanko graphic artists on SpankoLife that are interested in helping out in that area. Hopefully by August we will have a brand spanking new logo to unveil to everyone.

The new instant chat feature is way cool.  Any new features in the pipeline that we can look forward to ?

There are actually quite a few new features that are in development including a full member chat room, a SpankoLife mall where members will be able to shop for spanking related products, member polls on spanking related topics and questions, some design improvements and much more. Some of it is limited by the cost and some of it is time but these are all things I hope to roll out over the next 6 months.

You are on any other “vanilla” networking sites, like Twitter or FaceBook? I just started sending out a few “tweets” on Twitter. But SpankoLife is where I’m at.

I am on Facebook but only in a vanilla capacity, I have a spanko profile on MySpace but don’t use it at all now because of SpankoLife. I think all most people are seeking is a vanilla network like Facebook, and one or two for their specific kink of fetish like FetLife or SpankoLife.

Again, thank you Neil for your time and for creating this wonderful website — continued growth and success to you!

Thank you Dave for all your help; getting the word out about SpankoLife, designing some fantastic and funny SpankoLife badges and for your advice on all manner of questions I have had about running a website.


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6 thoughts on “The Creator of SpankoLife: The CherryRed Q&A”

  1. Great interview, Dave. Sounds like Neil is doing important work. Sooner or later I’m going to explore this new frontier.

  2. I just signed up for spankolife and i’m waiting for my account to be approved.

    Thank you for posting this interview, I really had my doubts at first but this really made me want to join.


  3. Hi,
    I just wanted to say thank you for this great interview.
    I’ve been looking for a place like Spankolife. Because you made finding it so easy I just singed up.
    Thank you very much

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