Famed Artist Kami Tora Strikes Again

new spanking art by kamitora

YES! Hot-off-the-press brand new art by Kami Tora.

The great fetish & spanking illustrator strikes again with another delicious ass-sizzling illo, entitled “Siamese Cat 2.” [Not sure what the title means and/or implies.]

Nevertheless, I await each and every one of his spanking creations with much anticipation, as he’s my favorite spankosexual artist working today.  Kami Tora never fails to interweave wonderful humor, enticing eroticism and intriguing imagery into his exquisite spanking art.


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6 Responses to Famed Artist Kami Tora Strikes Again

  1. Karl Friedrich Gauss says:

    Another KT masterpiece. Thanks for posting it, Dave!

  2. Kami Tora says:

    Thanks for posting me again, Dave!

    I guess the “Siamese Cat” title requires a little explanation.

    I often use song titles or lyrics for both my stories and series of single images.

    The “Siamese Cat” is a line from the Rolling Stones song “Under My Thumb”, which is about a turning of tables. I suppose it’s a little enigmatic, but it’s just a fun kinda game I play (^_^).


  3. cherryred says:


  4. Stan/E. says:

    I’ll translate in french and post it too…

  5. tim says:

    very nice well done to the artist best wishes ,tim in u.k.

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