Christina Applegate Gets Spanked; And More Spanko News

Kelly Bundy, played by Christina Applegate, gets a taste of Mom’s slipper. [PHOTO PARODY BY “MR. HYDE.”]

Did anyone NOT dream/wish/fantasize about watching clueless brat Kelly Bundy (played by super-hottie Christina Applegate) get her righteous rear reddened & spanked hard by her TV Mom, on the popular 90’s-era sitcom “Married with Children” ?? How apropos she’s getting the slipper, as her Dad’s character on the show was a hilariously moronic shoe salesman.

***Big thanks to graphics master Mr. Hyde for creating this photo parody for The Cherry Red Report. [More of Mr. Hyde parody’s featured on this blog can be found HERE.]



***EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION, PART FOUR: Clare Fonda’s 8-ass schoolgirl spank epic EE4 hits Girl Spanks Girl today [or via Clare Fonda Multi-Site Pass].


The film features the seasoned disciplinary tanning trio of Lana, Snow Mercy, and, of course, the unstoppable Clare Fonda.

clare fonda\'s spanking epic EE4

****And yes, the rumors are true…I have a thing for compact cutie Ashli Orion. She’s second from the right in the EE4 pic above, and according to Clare Fonda, “emerged as the biggest little brat in the shoot” though in real-life she’s a true sweetie.

[Check out this second sample belt spanking from Mom gallery HERE. File under: Yum].

Ashli on Spanked Sweeties

Ashli is incredibly vocal, squirmy, bratty, sassy and a major handful on Spanked Sweeties. She almost shimmied right off Clare’s seasoned lap. And I love those retro, old-school striped socks, which are a welcome site on the Spankernet.  The pink bikini panties.  Oh, and that bottom. . . .

Ashli Orion

“Stop squirming–you are NOT going anywhere.   Time to warm up this sassy backside, Ashli. . . . .And you are certainly lucky your Dad is not home….”

Ashli on Spanked Sweeties



Speaking of old-school sport-socks, look at this exquisite photo of the amazing Pixie, of Punished Brats fame, rocking the 3-stripe socks. In fact, the entire ensemble is fab.  I think I’m seeing short-shorts….. Pixie? Do you not rock? Yes. You do.

Also congrats to spanko blogger Rad, who made his pro Dom debut on Punished Brats.  [Rad writes one of the finest spanko blogs, RadSpace, that I have seen] The P-Brats preview pix look simply splendid.

Here’s a dapper Rad in action below, with the wonderful Lilly, flying tresses and all:

rad spanks lilly on punishedbrats


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***SPANKING BY THE MINUTE: I keep procrastinating about featuring some bloggage on hard-to-find movies from my sister site: the on-demand, pay-per-minute video site CherryRedMovies. But I have some intriguing titles in mind.  Little nuggets of red-tailed goodness, if you will.  Stay tuned.


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7 thoughts on “Christina Applegate Gets Spanked; And More Spanko News”

  1. Thanks for the compliment, Dave. It was fun shooting with the folks at PB which made it seem as little like work as possible. The lovely Lilly Page was a trooper, flying hair and all.

  2. As a young spanko growing up without access to the internet, ‘Married With Children’ was one of my favorite shows as everyone once in awhile there’d be a spanking reference! I always found it exciting to hear spanking referred to on television, especially when I didn’t have the net and felt it was weird to have this particular kink.

    I remember a wise-crack from Bud Bundy where he told Kelly that when the doctor spanked her when she was born that she replied ‘Thanks, I like it rough’. Oh, and when Marcy and Jefferson went to that S&M club in England. And various other spanking references that were always a thrill!

    Point being that Mr Hyde’s parody definitely touches upon a fantasy of mine. Kelly Bundy was delightfully spankable!

  3. Rad: You are the man!

    Lurker: Thank you very much for this fantastic comment, especially as I had not recalled these various spanking references from the TV show.

  4. “:Did anyone NOT dream/wish/fantasize about watching clueless brat Kelly Bundy…get her righteous rear reddened & spanked hard by her TV Mom..?” Well, I wouldn’t have argued with that at all, Dave, but I was eager myself to see PEG paddled on the seat of her form-hugging pants, and preferably from downtrodden AL!

    Come to think of it– Endart did that very cartoon once!

    But I’ve always enjoyed Ms Applegate’s performances, and I’m sure she’d give us a superior spanking scene!

    And Mr. Hyde does indeed do some clever composites!

  5. You’re quite welcome, cherryred! Noticing spanking references on tv shows always gave me that same sense of nervous excitement that a lot of spankos got whilst sneakily looking up the word ‘spanking’ in the dictionary 🙂

    So during the times when Married With Children had a spanking reference, they aways stuck out in my mind. I think there were others above and beyond the ones I mentioned above. I recall Al Bundy and his No’Maam friends staying at some Motel where they ordered an adult movie. You could hear the audio of a woman saying ‘Ohh, Santa, I’ve been very very bad!’, followed by the sound of smacks. It was later revealed that the movie they were watching was called the ‘Panty Claus’ LOL Oh, and I recall Bud asking a criminal woman whether she and the other inmates ever passed the time by ‘spanking each other with licence plates’ 🙂

    As for Christina Applegate and actual spanking/smacks, there were a few in her career. In the ‘Afternoon Delight’ music video from Anchorman, Will Ferrell gives her a sharp smack on the behind as she lies in the grass. You can see it at 3:23 in the following vid

    And in the credits for the movie the Sweetest Thing, one of her co-stars spanks her a few times as she waves her butt at the camera! That’s at 1:32 in the following vid (though the audio has been removed)

  6. Thanks for posting the Kelly Bundy parody, Dave!

    For those who are curious, this silly pic was inspired by a conversation over in the comments section of the Spanking Minnesota blog where Dave and a few other posters discussed the spankability of Kelly Bundy 😀

    So I figured that I’d give Dave a laugh with a corresponding parody as he’s always providing us with laughs with his great sense of humor!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

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