Of Pigtails, Panties & Mouth Soaping: New Art by Kami Tora

new spanking art by kami tora

“Mouthy Mindy” by artist Kami Tora — August 2009

Gawd, another sizzler from Kami Tora.  So, hey, anyone up for a little mouth soaping with their spanking kink??

Famed illustrator Kami Tora looks like he’s locked in the spanko groove, with another luscious creation entitled “Mouthy Mindy.”

Featuring his signature “dripping wet at both ends” approach, and some apparent (Ivory?) soap in her fresh, sassy mouth, we know Mindy (and her cute pigtails) will be sleeping on her tummy.  Aching, steamy-hot backside arched up, and (possibly) completely cured of her Sassy Mouth Syndrome.

So what of this mouth soaping business.  Hm…well, how wonderfully pervy.  Anyone into that or intrigued by that whole sudsy soapy topic? or no? [Related Post: Check out a short interview with Kami Tora on this blog HERE.]


* * *

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3 Responses to Of Pigtails, Panties & Mouth Soaping: New Art by Kami Tora

  1. imp says:

    i loooove this one, and well… every one of Kami’s illustrations!!! i am still trying to figure out how to get a signed copy of one… ??

  2. Kami Tora says:

    Heya Dave,

    Thanks for the feature! I hadn’t actually thought of this one as a mouth-soaping (I just like girls that drool), but it totally works better with that idea in mind.
    Makes me wanna go back in and add a few soap bubbles!

    Imp, a signed copy of my work isn’t feasible just yet, but I’m working on some new interweb things that may make it possible soon!


  3. brownop31 says:

    Please do add some bubbles! That would make this WAY hotter (at least in my humble opinion) 😉

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