Cooked: New Art by Dave Wolfe

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Anyone for some sizzling eggs? Sunnyside up? over-easy? or scrambled perhaps? It’s been too long since we’ve featured bloggage on Mr. Dave Wolfe’s pervy, ever humorous drawings, which can be found exclusively on the Discipline and Desire spanking fiction site.

Now this illo offers definitive visual evidence that it indeed may be possible to cook an egg on a cherry red, steamy-hot bottom.   Any thoughts, readers??

Be that as it may, more field-research, investigation and real-world testing is needed by The Cherry Red Research Team.   For example, Alannah Rae’s mesmerizing bottom would be a perfect test candidate, or perhaps the exquisite Candle Boxx. [On a side note, more Dave Wolfe illos featured on this blog can be found HERE.]

We queried Mr. Wolfe on what inspired this artwork:

“My inspiration for this one was pretty much the same as the other cartoons, ‘What the hell am I going to draw this week for the Discipline & Desire site?’ Actually, I’m not quite sure where that idea came from.  That sort of thing has been done in animated cartoons from the days of yore, but I’ve never seen it done in a spanking context.  But I have now.


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6 thoughts on “Cooked: New Art by Dave Wolfe”

  1. Dave, that’s so funny. It did bringto mind a couple of visuals concerning my husband’s attempt to recreate that scene.

    First, he’d probably cook one egg on each cheek. I mean, he’s not selfish enough to only do an egg for himself. But he’d get some shell into one of them, break the yolk of the other one, and dribble egg white all down in between. 🙄 And how would I make the toast from that position?

    Still, it would be a fun way to have breakfast.


  2. In a similar vein, I noticed that manager at a local Denny’s restaurant using some sort of thermometer gun to measure the temperature of the griddle, frying cooking oil, soup pots, salad compartments, etc.

    I wonder if that could be used “before” and “after” aimed at a bare bottom???

    As always, great art Wolfe!

    Charlie (tunasheart)

  3. Thanks very much, everyone! I’m delighted to give you chuckles!!

    Now, if this idea actually catches on, it should be named “The Wolfie Test.”

    Proper egg cooking does requires a bit of practice, Hermione, so you and the mister might be in the kitchen a while. That should be okay, as long as the little flat omelette pan doesn’t inspire other ideas. Your remark about the toast brought an image to mind, but I don’t think it would work.

    I’ve never seen those thermometers, Charlie, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t work quite well!

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