Cherry Red Caption Contest! Win 1-Month Pass to Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties

Hello Spankos! It’s time for more caption crazyness, featuring an actual prize! Am I using too many exclamation points! OK! I need an editor, or a new editorial assministrator, and possibly less more caffeine.

Anyway, for this month’s Cherry Red Caption Contest, we are featuring a somewhat puzzling, quizzical image from Spanked Sweeties, featuring the brattylicious Ashli Orion and a belt-wielding Clare Fonda.  What is happening here?

Submissions are now closed.  Winner to be announced shortly. Thank you to all! Submit a caption for this photo, for your chance to win a 1-month pass to Spanked Sweeties.

To join the merriment, feel free to submit a suggested caption and/or brief bit of dialogue, in the comment box.  Feel free to be silly. Funny. Or ironic. Or whatever you feel like. It’s all good. The last contest garnered over 30(!) submissions, so bring it on!

The winner, as chosen in the next few weeks by the esteemed editorial board of the CherryRedReport, shall thusly receive 1 (one) month’s supply of cherryred tushy sweetness: a 1-month pass to Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties, which features refreshingly candid interviews and hot spankings. [All of Clare’s sites can be accessed via her multi-site Clare Fonda Pass.]


[MORE EYE CANDY: Here’s another gallery of Ashli Orion, one of my favorite all-time photo sets from Clare Fonda’s Sweeties site, in which Momma Clare doles out some bottoms-up behavorial modification.]

[PADDLE MANIAC: On a side note, I want to send out a big thank you to the spanking implement maniacs at Cane-iac for making me a wicked cool custom “Cherry Red Report” paddle, with the logo emblazoned on the business end. I’m now armed. And dangerous. Check out all the goods at Cane-iac.]

[SPANKO BOOK NEWS: Now this looks like highly intriguing reading. Two new insightful, thought-provoking “e-books” by pro-writer and seasoned kink-blogger Vivian, that explore and delve into the complex psychology of spanking. Check out more info and free excerpts at Variant Books.]

[CLASSIC GEMS FROM SHADOW LANE: The good folks at ShadowLane are making legions of new fans by releasing some truly classic ‘vintage’ videos, and making them available for pay-per-minute viewing, via CherryRedMovies.

Back in my university days, once I saw the squirming, white-panty clad bottom of Virginia Lewis in the aptly named “Bad Girls Get Spanked,” I knew I was a spanko for life.]


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16 thoughts on “Cherry Red Caption Contest! Win 1-Month Pass to Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties”

  1. “When Clare belted Ashli’s bottom bright red, it made her angry… and you wouldn’t like her when she’s ANGRY!!”

    Ashli Orion stars in the third installment of The Hulk…. She’s easier on the eyes than Ed Norton anyway.

  2. First lesson, my dear, in the Fonda school of ettiquette is “never get caught with your panties down”. Now try that entrance again.

  3. “Money, not monkey! I said ‘Show me the money'”.

    Dave, we love these contests. Best laughs we get on the internet.

  4. “Jeez! You kids today! These crazy hairstyles, loud music, and mismatched color clothing! But rage posing after a spanking?! I’ll never understand these trends you have! Oh well, back over my knee!”

  5. Clare Fonda sent me this funny caption suggestion, tho obviously she can not win, as she owns the site!:

    “to me it looks like I am saying ‘Honey, Cyndi Lauper was not cool when I was a kid so get out of that get-up!”

  6. The Caption should read.

    You bitch! Next time I’ll have that damm strap on your bare naked ass. The red strap marks will be with you foe a week!!

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