What I’m Reading Right Now; And More Books I Plan to Read


[Editorial Addendum: This post was written in jest, in the spirit of, I hope, good humor. Essentially, these are books I *wish* were real.  I apologize for any confusion.]

The “Brats” book pictured above I must say is a concise, illuminating and informative read.  I also have a lengthy list of spanko-related books on my “To-Read” list, such as the list below.   **READER FEEDBACK SECTION: So what books are on Your reading list??? Please leave any suggested titles in the comment box. Thank you.

Dave’s Cherry Red Reading List

  • Become One with SpankoNess: A Buddhist Approach to The Red Ass
  • SpankoSexuality: The Complete and Unabridged History
  • Spanko: Changing The World, One Red Ass At a Time
  • The Official Biography of Rosaleen Young
  • Brats: Care, Feeding, and Maintenance
  • Doms are from Mars, Brats are from Venus: Understanding the Battle of the Sexes
  • Unleash Your Inner Spanko
  • SWAT! OUCH! A Humorous Anthology of Crappy Spanking Fiction
  • Honey, I Shrunk The Hairbrush: Crazy But True Stories from the World of Kinksters and Spankos
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Tushy
  • Kami Tora: The Ultimate Collection of Spanking Artistry
  • Spanko Domination: Why Spankos Are Taking Over the World
  • Go to My Room Now: A History of Domestic Discipline Relationships
  • You Are a Spanko, So Just Deal With It
  • The Red Ass Through History, Vol. 2
  • The Amelia Jane Rutherford Photo Collection
  • The Hairbrush: A Treatise on The History of An Iconic Spanking Implement
  • A History of Ed Lee and Nu-West
  • Spanking For Dummies: A Guide for the Clueless Newbie
  • Brushes, Floggers, and Paddles, Oh My: An Implement Buyer’s Guide
  • Orville Reddenbottom: A Life

* * *


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4 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Right Now; And More Books I Plan to Read”

  1. Thank you for the comments Adrian and Paul. However, this post was done in jest, in the spirit of, I hope, good humor……….

    ….Essentially, these are books I *wish* were real 🙂

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