Spanko Art: When Nurses Get Punished

Kinda random bloggage, but found this luscious anime/manga-style illo floating about the Spankernets.  First thought it was a new Kami Tora, but alas, nope.  If anyone knows the artist and/or where this is from, please enlighten us. Thx! 🙂

[GOT TROUBLE?: In other news, talented author Loki Renard recently launched the aptly named Trouble Books, with an assortment of pulse-pounding, flaming fiction, including a nifty interactive “Choose Your Own (Spanking) Adventure.”  Perv over to the free samples and show Loki some love.]

Schoolgirl Georgia Gold gets spanked hard with hand and hairbrushShadow Lane vintage classic[GEORGIA, OH GEORGIA: ShadowLane recently uploaded today one of my all-time favest classic vids to CherryRedMovies.  Featuring the truly exquisite  nylon panty-clad squirming schoolgirl Georgia Gold, and also a divine Chelsea Pfeiffer, “Double Feature #1” is a VHS cassette tape(!) I remember ordering in my formative college years and was mesmerized.

Also check out other classic ShadowLane vids including the drippingly hot Tattletail and another fav: Bad Girls Get Spanked, both of which, fortunately feature lots of snug white bikini panties….yum yum.]

* * *

***Newly updated: Find out what’s playing now at CherryRedMovies: Easy, fun, discreet!***


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4 Responses to Spanko Art: When Nurses Get Punished

  1. Andrew says:

    Don’t know the artist, but the characters are from a video game called Rumble Roses, an all-female wrestling themed game.

  2. cherryred says:

    Thank you for the info Andrew! 🙂

  3. tim says:

    😆 very hot.inboth meanings

  4. Green Lord says:

    Hummmm, I like this picture. I can tell that both are really enjoying the spanking.
    This is a great show of a very nice ass and stockings.
    Thanks for this wonderful post.

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