We Have a Winner; And By Gosh, A New Cherry Red Caption Contest Co-Sponsored by Clare Fonda & Cane-iac Paddles

Ugh. The Red Sox just got shut-out by the Angels in Game 1 of the playoffs. What-ev.  It’s just 1 game.  What-ev. I’m not gonna get down about it.  What-ev.  So I’m gonna’ get my blog on.  Thusly, a Cherry Red congratulations to Jeremy, who has won a month’s supply of Spanked Sweeties, for his winning caption submission in the last Caption Conest, for the Ashli Orion photo below right:

First lesson, my dear, in the Fonda School of Etiquette is “never get caught with your panties down.” Now try that entrance again.

Nicely done! BY POPULAR DEMAND, it’s time for more Caption Madness, and another caption contest with prizes from Clare Fonda, and also implement maker Cane-iac.

Let’s have a go, shall we, at this curious strange unusual photo of the delightful Pixie, of PunishedBrats fame, and the beautiful Clare Fonda.

clare fonda and amber pixie wells

Captions, anyone?  Submit away! The Cherry Red caption contest winner, as chosen by the seasoned CherryRed Editorial Advisory Committee, shall henceforth receive a 1-month pass to Spanked Sweeties. And you will receive a $25 gift certificate from spanking implement maker Cane-iac.

MORE INFO: The image above is from the pervy “Lesbian Landlady” video being released on Clare’s GirlSpanks Girl site, and previewed on its own dedicated website at LesbianLandlady, which features a yummy preview film and more piccies.

In short, the vid features Clare as the scorned, jealous, possibly insane(?) Lesbian LandLady, and Pixie, as the short-shorts(!) wearing, head-turning beauty.  Spanko madness justifiably ensues….


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24 Responses to We Have a Winner; And By Gosh, A New Cherry Red Caption Contest Co-Sponsored by Clare Fonda & Cane-iac Paddles

  1. Colin Mann says:

    Caption Comp
    No! You”ll use the toilet like everybody else!

  2. Hardwood says:


  3. phillyspanks says:

    “Invisible fences are too expensive, leashes and spankings work fine for me and my Pixie.”

  4. jim says:

    that’s the whipping post you will spend many hours tied to that so get well acquainted

  5. “Why are you acting surprised? I told you when you moved in that I’d be keeping you on a short leash.”

  6. Mark says:

    Pixie: “Just because I love animals doesn’t mean I want a collar!”

  7. Hermione says:

    Pixie, walkies!!! Good girl, heel, and if you bite you’ll go into your crate.

  8. iwasrobert says:

    Too late, Pixie realised that there could be multiple ways of becoming a “Woman’s Best Friend”.

  9. tim says:

    well done jeremy in winning youll love spanked sweeties it is a great spanking clare fonda site cute girls big spanks ,tim .

  10. jeremy says:

    Thanks to Clare and Dave for the award. We are not worthy!

    Anyway, We love this contest because it shows how much the community has a sense of humor. Keep us laughing.

  11. jeremy (disqualified as previous winner) says:

    “All right dog lover,,,,Cesar Millan preaches exercise, discipline, and affection…in that order. We’ve done the exercise, now for the discipline!”

  12. Bill Clausen says:

    You! Come with me. In a minunite you will have nothing on but that dog collar and a striped ass!!

    Bill Clausen

  13. George says:

    Let go play spank pixie

  14. Georg says:

    My caption entry for Clare with leash on Pixie:

    Now, now, Pixie-poo, I am going to train you not to stop at every tree and fire hydrant no matter what it takes.

  15. the Serial Spanker (Thomas M.) says:

    Going somewhere, young lady? Not until I burn some manners into your impudent beautiful backside. Who said education is painless, hmm?

  16. Tapa says:

    ” I knew you would be dogging me about the overdue rent, but THIS is ridiculous!”

  17. cherryred says:


  18. the Serial Spanker (Thomas M.) says:

    As an older “middle-aged” male, I am quite obviously very turned on by these lovely young ladies who bare there bottoms for our lustful appreciation. But as you must know by now, there’s one girl in particular who rings my bell and shakes my tree — to borrow a couple of old expressions — and that deliciously-wicked girl is Pixie. I can’t go into a lot of detail here about why she grabs me like she does, but suffice it to say that I would be immensely grateful to Santa if I found the Pixster under my tree this Christmas. I know she’s a married woman now, but in all fairness — I saw her first 😀
    Well anyway, Happy Holidays everyone, and Bottoms Up!

  19. Bill Clausen says:

    I bet her husband is a happy man!! Spanking that brat whenever he likes and then. She is quite a sexy woman!!

  20. aka_ireland says:

    “I didn’t think you meant it literally when you said you’d keep me on a short leash.”

  21. Bill Clausen says:

    Come on:

    I ‘m going to tie that leash under the bench I am going to strap your bare ass on untill it glows!

  22. Dr. Ken says:

    Clare: ” I don’t care how many others have marked their territory. Now, hurry up!”

  23. cherryred says:

    Entries are now closed. Thank you to all for submitting these fantastic captions!!

  24. Dallas says:

    Clare has been watching Cesar…. She is working on being a “smack leader”

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