Happy Love Our Lurker’s Day!

Zoinks!! I’m a week behind on my bloggage but here goes: It’s time to get our LOL on here at CRR. As initiated by the fabulous Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts fame, we thusly and hereby celebrate the 4th annual “Love Our Lurker’s” [LOL] Day.

This celebrates that spankos totally kick ass, obviously, and also therefore to encourage readers to leave comments, if you so desire, on this blog and any other blog you’d like. :eek:

We know many of you are out there lurking away, so if you feel comfortable doing so, please come out from behind the cyber-shadows and just say “Hello!”

[I also wanted to say I’ve had heaps of encouragement, advice, suggestions, kind words from so many readers since this blog started, and I just wanted to say, Thank You. It means a lot to me.]

*  *  *  *

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12 thoughts on “Happy Love Our Lurker’s Day!”

  1. I thought that I was late for LOL day but both you and Caroline Grey where later than me.

    Thanks to the both of you I feel a lot less guilty now 🙂

    happy belated LOL day.


  2. Dave, I’ve enjoyed your impressive graphical contributions to spanko culture on the net. Interesting that you choose Ahnold’s pic to illustrate today’s post, especially in light of this news story:

    The Governor’s Wife

    Happy belated LOLiday to day, and may many more of your fans and readers chime in with greetings!

  3. Hi Dave,

    I only recently discovered this blog a few weeks ago but so far I’m liking it. I’m a regular lurker on Bethie’s and Dan’s blogs too. As I commented to Bethie, I’m extremely outgoing with people face to face but am a bit shy in cyberspace.

    These blogs definitely give me great joy though, because it’s nice to see how many awesome spankos are out there. I live in Ottawa, ON, Canada which is a rather stuffy and conservative city–maybe all the uptight bureaucrats simply need to let loose and get spanked!

    Anyway, happy LOL day (a bit belated)! I’ll try to come out of the shadows more often to comment from time to time.


  4. Tsk, if you were a woman Dave you’d be standing in that corner for a very long time ❗

    I mean there’s late and then there’s SO LATE ITS A WHOLE NEW CENTURY late ❗ ❗

    Anyway, greetings and salutations on this belated LoLurkers day from a fluey UK.

  5. Hi Dave,

    Your blog has long been a favourite of mine. I even have kitchen towels to match! (They have cherries on them, not bums.)

    I’m glad you joined in the fun, but you do realize you’ve screwed up Bonnie’s stats and now she’s going to have to get her calculator out again.


  6. Many thanks to Dave for the continued work on this fantastic blog! – I always enjoy the tongue-in-cheek wit and sense of humor that is provided at the Cherry Red Report 😀

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