Of Spanking Threat Levels & Writer’s Block

Just fyi, fellow spankos, I have just now raised the CRR Spanking Threat Level Advisory System from the green “Low” to the blue “Guarded” level [with the yellow “Elevated” level a distinct possibility]. *Twirls my mega-paddle in a scary, possibly menacing way*

The reason is my brain is toast and have a bit of writer‘s blogger’s block; this site’s server crashed a boatload of times; my ultra micro-managing satan devil boss is a few fries short of a complete Happy Meal; I’m battling a bit of a bitchy cold; Ashli Orion declined my offer of working at this blog as my new office Assministrator; and I really do not want to be a Ninja for Halloween once again — thusly any cute bottoms within discipline distance are in possible danger of cherry reddening.  You have been advised. Thank you.


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One thought on “Of Spanking Threat Levels & Writer’s Block”

  1. Aww, too bad. It happens, though. I’m currently swamped at work and have little time to dream up interesting posts or search for just the right picture to go with it.

    Hope you give that cold away and start feeling better soon. That will help.


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