Exclusive Guest Columnist: Loki Renard’s Top-10 Tips For Writing Spanking Fiction

Loki Renard’s Top 10 Tips For Writing Spanking Fiction

:arrow:EDITORIAL NOTE: I am honored and delighted to feature prolific spanko writer extraordinaire Loki Renard, in an exclusive and, I hope, informative guest column for The Cherry Red Report.  Thank you Loki !

:arrow:READERS: If you have tips/suggestions on writing spanko fiction you wish to share, we would love to hear it.  Comments and feedback appreciated and welcome as always.]

Hello, I’m Loki Renard from Trouble Books. I’ve been writing professionally in one capacity or another since I graduated college and I was writing unprofessionally for quite some time before that. Spanking has always been an interest and a love of mine.

Like a lot of you, it has fascinated me since I was a small child and I would quite often look up the world “spank” in the dictionary and get a little thrill just from seeing the word so boldly written there. My first stories were stories written for myself, to entertain myself and to create characters and situations which simply could not exist in the real world. From these humble beginnings, worlds of discipline have been created, worlds which I am fortunate enough to be able to share with my readers.

Dave has kindly asked me to write an article detailing my Top 10 tips for writing spanking fiction. I’ve written them with the novice in mind, though I hope they will be helpful to you regardless of your place on the path of the literary spanko.

1. Please Yourself
Don’t try to please everyone. Not all spankos are created the same, and although the basic action of palm on ass might be similar, people’s motivations are often quite different. For example, some spankos love spanking because of the strict, caring intimacy that can arise from such an interaction. Other spankos simply enjoy the idea of someone inflicting serious pain on a hapless bottom without a care in the world. You know what you like, so write what you like. Not everyone will love it, but there will be a sector of the community that do, and those are the people you’re writing for.

2. Let Your Imagination Run Wild
Don’t censor yourself. Sometimes when you’re writing about a personal fetish, it seems embarrassing to share intimate parts of yourself through your stories. Don’t allow the feeling of embarrassment or fear to stop you though, it is when you’re feeling those feelings that your writing is at its most truthful, and at its most powerful.

3. Show, Don’t Tell
SMACK WHACK THUD – No. That’s a lazy way to describe a spanking and, unless used
very artfully, does nothing for the reader. The problem with these exclamations is that you’re really just making a sound, you’re not describing anything, and what most spanking aficionados want to read is the detail of the spanking. How does it feel physically, emotionally? Show the reader how the spanking unfolds and they will be yours, hook, line and sinker.

4. Slowly Does It
Take your time. It can be tempting to rush right into the spanking, but readers often appreciate a writer taking the time to establish interesting characters and relationships between them. We don’t care if yet another brat gets her ass tanned by yet another top. We want to be able to involve ourselves in stories and care about the players involved. The Dean Michaels/Mary Catherine series does an excellent job of this.

5. Time Is Magic
Give yourself time to develop as a writer. Your first story may not be brilliant, nor may your 50th, but you will be growing all the time. It’s okay not to feel good about all your work. Most writers loathe their work half the time and love it the other half. If you have a love / hate relationship with writing spanking fiction it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it or that you’re not cut out for it. It means you’re perfect for it.

6. Read, Read, Read
Read. Read as many spanking stories as you can and cherry pick the elements you like in them. I’m not advising you to steal parts of other authors’ works here, but you can get to learn how they create the ambiance that draws you in and makes you really feel like you’re a part of the spanking. When you see a technique you like, keep it in mind for your next story.

7. Grammar Matters
Learn how to wield the twin swords of grammar and spelling. Spell check will take care of most spelling issues, but grammar is still an issue which needs to be addressed. Bad grammar can ruin a good story by distracting the reader from the flow of the piece. Learn the difference between your and you’re, and other simple but common grammar hiccups.

8. A Friend In Need
Have a fellow spanko friend read your story and see if they like it, ask for hints and tips from them. Don’t take anything they say personally. In today’s world, if someone tells you something you don’t want to hear, it is wise to evaluate it objectively. Are they simply not a good fit for your work? Or do they have a valid point? You’ll experience both kinds of feedback, and you’ll need to learn to distance yourself from your work just long enough to see which has merit and which does not.

9. Read Aloud
Read your story out loud. You don’t have to read it in a great booming voice, but reading a story out loud will let you get a good sense of its flow and how it will read to a stranger. It is said that Jane Austen and her sisters often used this technique in their own writing, and they certainly seemed to be quite popular.

10. Post Online
Sites like Literotica,  or groups like Soc.Sexuality.Spanking are good places to get your work seen and garner some feedback if you would like to do so. Be aware that on sites like Literotica, people can occasionally be quite petty, so feel free to ignore the haters. It’s the lovers you’re looking for. They’re the ones who could potentially develop into a loyal audience down the line.

If you are looking to develop your own audience, I would advise you to start a small site or blog. Doing so will allow you to maintain more control over your work and give people a place to return to for updates when you make them.

I do hope this list has been useful and inspirational to you. The best thing you can do for your writing is simply that, to do it. The more you write, the better you will get at it, and the more you will find yourself enjoying it. Writing is powerful, but it is a power that must be wielded with skill. In turn, skill is something that can only come with practice.

There’s always room for more good spanking fiction in the world, so don’t be afraid to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and share your spanking dreams, fantasies and naughty true stories with the rest of us!


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5 thoughts on “Exclusive Guest Columnist: Loki Renard’s Top-10 Tips For Writing Spanking Fiction”

  1. Loki,

    Some sage and common sense tips there for the aspiring writer.

    From my experience the most important bit of advice is to create a world with characters that YOU want to read about. I like to write stories that are immersed in every day domesticity and the countless situations that can arise from that type of scenario. A milkman who spanks. The wife of a spanking coal miner. A spanking agency set up and run by a group of women. That sort of thing.

    My first efforts were so basic. Jam packed with idea’s and testosterone to be sure but each nothing more than a collection of scene’s bundled jumbled together. One thing is true – the more you write the more you learn and discover the flow of what makes a good readable and erotic story.

    Thanks for the excellent tips.

  2. Hey Ian,

    I entirely agree that you should always write characters you want to read. As mentioned, the variation in the tastes of spanking aficionados is vast. I, for instance, write a fair few borderline fantasy spanking stories and generally avoid the more pedestrian ( I use that word without its negative connotations,) sort of scenarios you like. Neither one is better or worse, and both can be intensely titillating if done well.

    Different strokes for different folks 🙂

  3. Dear Loki,
    Some excellent advice here.
    However for relaxation you can always try my Peter Axtell website for a serialised full-sized political novel with spanking scnes included.
    Best regrds

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