The Cherry Red Spanko Caption Contest Winner Is….

Pixie and Clare Fonda on Girl Spanks Girl

You are all winners! Well, how I wish it were so, alas.  Be that as it may, I am pleased as punch to say we received over 20 clever, witty and quite funny entries in the latest Cherry Red Spanko Caption Contest, for this unusual photo of Pixie [of PunishedBrats fame] on a leash and a stern-looking Clare Fonda from Clare’s Girl Spanks Girl website. [Also available via her multi-site ClarePass.]  This contest was co-sponsored by Clare Fonda and also implement maker Cane-iac, who are graciously supplying the prizes.

Needless to say, it was essentially impossible to select a winner out of so many splendid entries, as I essentially loved all of them, and all of which are listed below.  Hm…..And I thought the Nobel Prize committee had a tough job!? Sheesh.  Anyway, the winner is “Georg” for:

“Now, now, Pixie-poo, I am going to train you NOT to stop at every tree and fire hydrant no matter what it takes.”

“Georg” has won a 1-month pass to Spanked Sweeties [OR GirlSpanksGirl] and a $25 gift certificate from spanko implement maker Cane-iac.

Check out some more delicious Clare Fonda spanking pix below, as well as the rest of the fantastic entries [and you’ll see why I wish I had 20 prizes to send out] and THANK YOU to EVERYONE for these fabulous captions.

***ADDENDUM:  Bonus Clare Fonda Spanking Galleries***

**Digging these piccies: Triple tanning session with Sarah Gregory, Jenni Mack, Clare and Miss Chris. And check out Part 2.

**EE4: Apparently the homework….wait for it….is the hairbrush….

**The amazing Sarah Gregory gets some tushy therapy.

**Is Chloe possibly too cute to spank?



Colin Mann:
No! You”ll use the toilet like everybody else!



“Pixie, walkies!!! Good girl, heel, and if you bite you’ll go into your crate.”


“Invisible fences are too expensive, leashes and spankings work fine for me and my Pixie.”

That’s the whipping post you will spend many hours tied to that, so get well acquainted.

ace of spades:
“Why are you acting surprised? I told you when you moved in that I’d be keeping you on a short leash.”

Pixie: “Just because I love animals doesn’t mean I want a collar!”


Too late, Pixie realised that there could be multiple ways of becoming a “Woman’s Best Friend.”

jeremy [disqualified as the winner of CRR’s previous caption contest]:
“All right, dog lover Cesar Millan preaches exercise, discipline, and affection…in that order. We’ve done the exercise, now for the discipline!”

Bill Clausen:
You! Come with me. In a minute you will have nothing on but that dog collar and a striped ass!!

the Serial Spanker (Thomas M.):
Going somewhere, young lady? Not until I burn some manners into your impudent beautiful backside. Who said education is painless, hmm?


I knew you would be dogging me about the overdue rent, but THIS is ridiculous!”


“I didn’t think you meant it literally when you said you’d keep me on a short leash.”

Dr. Ken:
Clare: ” I don’t care how many others have marked their territory. Now, hurry up!”


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2 thoughts on “The Cherry Red Spanko Caption Contest Winner Is….”

  1. Ha Ha I just got back into town and this was fun to read. The ones that crack me up the most are the really sadistic ones. What can I say I’m a sick bitch. Anyway, congrats to the winner and his free passes are on the way

  2. I recall writing to Pixie about 6 months ago when she still wore her hair in curls. She had posed for a few shots without her customary curls, and I complimented her on how extra delicious she looked with her hair straight. She thanked me, but said she was going back to her curls after that shoot because she was used to them and liked them more than not.
    But lately she’s been “straight-Pixie” again without changing back, and I think she looks so much better, so much sweeter, don’t you? : )

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