The Spanking Artistry of Cc

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. I re-animated the dead and chased a few ghouls. Typical Hallow’s Eve fare. Anyway, time for some spank art blogging, as I can’t seem to ever get enough cherry red-themed art.

When you are a spanko-4-life, spank art soothes the soul and inspires your inner spanko.

In addition to frequently blogged about artists such as Kami Tora, The Spirit and Klauth, another one of my fav illustrators is “Cc” [as seen on the site Animeotk], who always imbues her illos and sketches with heaps of good humor and spankalicious eroticism.

Here are three of my faves from the work of Cc.  Hope you enjoy, and thank you to Cc for her delightful spanko artistry.

therapy: artwork by Cc

Above is my favest CC illo.  A spanking “therapist” hard at work. Another tough day at the office. . .[below we have Sarah Gregory having a spanking therapy session with Clare Fonda, from Spanked Sweeties…]

Hmm do spanking therapists really exist? They really should, absolutely, as we all know and love the therapeutic power of a steamy, glowing bottom. And health plans should offer full, complete coverage for red bottom therapy.  Spanko Therapist Dave? That would be a fine career change for this blogger.

Anyway, this is certainly not an uncommon fantasy, and interestingly, this was recently played out by Sarah Gregory and Clare Fonda [pictured at right] in an enticing Spanked Sweeties photo gallery. Can you imagine Clare Fonda being your therapist?? or Sarah Gregory being your patient??! Goodness, now that would be most intriguing 🙂

red bottom art by Cc

otk sketch by Cc


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5 thoughts on “The Spanking Artistry of Cc”

  1. Hey there Dave!! ^^ Well, I’m flattered that you blogged about some of my work. I am glad you enjoy them! I just saw your messages and had to come straight over and have a looksee.

    In college right now I’m in a class about therapy and counseling, and I guess that’s what randomly made me ponder “What if there was spanking as a therapy?” I think it would only work for spankos, but wouldn’t that be great? I personally (having finally gotten spanked) think that getting regular spankings would be extremely therapeutic. There’s all kinds of spanko-psychology stuff I could think about with that, it being a form of discipline, so perhaps the spankee would feel “purified” in a sense for any guilt if punished, etc…It could go really deep, really. Actually KamiTora and I have had similar talks about all the psycho-stuff that goes into spanko-mindsets, and I’m sure spanking-therapy would fit right in as a totally logical concept. For spankos.

    Glad to hear your comments about my work, and glad you had a good Halloween too! This made my day 🙂 Love your blog, sorry I don’t always get to come by and see it (school is spanking my ass, but in an unpleasant way!!) 😉

    Thanks again and as always take care,


  2. Hi! Just to let you know I want to award a double ‘MarQe’s Study Order of Merit’ Award this month an Cherry Red is long overdue. You, like Ian at ‘Yeowch’ have been a constant supporter of MarQe’s Study & source of advice and help …. just my way of saying thanks !!


  3. Cc: Thank you very much for these most intriguing comments! And it’s an honor to feature you on my blog.

    MarQe: Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  4. I love CC’s work, and I’ve followed her on for some time, but now I can’t seem to access the site. If that site has gone down, does anyone know of any other place CC keeps a gallery of her latest?

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