Exclusive! Brand Spankin’ New Mr. Hyde Photo Parody: Football Star Tom Brady Spanks Supermodel Gisele

tom brady spanking gisele bundchen

Hello spankos!

So anyway, you see, I was throwing around some M/f parody ideas and what-not with spanko graphix wizard Mr. Hyde.  And without further ado, and also, lo and behold, my suggestion regarding the iconic New England Patriots quarterback Tom “Call Me Tom Terrific” Brady and his ubiquitous, globe-trotting super-model wife, Gisele Bundchen, ends up as the latest spankalicious creation from Mr. Hyde.:eek:

When Mr. Hyde’s red ass-fueled, spanko-charged imagination runs wild, no celebrity’s posterior is safe from his powerful and pervy photoshop mastery.

Regarding the parody above, when Brady blew out his knee in the first 15-minutes of the first game of the season last year, I always wonder how distracting it must be to be married to a party-hopping Brazilian supermodel who’s net worth is $150M. And who is also a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations, bless her soul. And who is now taking helicopter flying lessons not too far from CRR headquarters.

And sometimes it seems like Mr. Brady spends more time modeling $3,000 suits in Vogue Magazine and dazzling the red carpet at Paris fashion shows than working out on the gridiron; be that as it may, naturally, he is having yet another Hall of Fame season this year. That’s why he is Tom Terrific. And I’m just a ‘lil blogger named Mr. Dave. *sigh*

Anyway, a big Thank You to Mr. Hyde–I love your sense of humor, and the good, old-fashioned fun you bring to our little kink.

BONUS ILLO: And here’s another photo parody masterwork features singer and pop tart Ashlee Simpson playing butt percussion with uber-celeb Lindsey “Just Call me LiLo” Lohan, that I first saw on Mr. Chross’ fine blog.  Simpson spanking LiLo? Hmm! Perhaps they had a spat?  I guess I didn’t get the memo! Nevertheless, file under: Yum.


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4 thoughts on “Exclusive! Brand Spankin’ New Mr. Hyde Photo Parody: Football Star Tom Brady Spanks Supermodel Gisele”

  1. Hey, Mr, Hyde and Dave– you have no idea how funny this is!

    A few years ago there was a person on the web, under the name “Cynthia Brown,” who had several of us dunderheads on the now extinct “Arild’s Yahoo Spanking Group” site convinced for a long while that he/she was in reality Gisele Bundchen!

    Of course, he/she was NOT, but nevertheless there was a flurry of Gisele Getting Spanked pictures! However, this is the best version ever seen!


  2. Many thanks to Dave for posting the latest parody that I put together for him. This was based off of a suggestion by Dave himself, and given all the hard work he puts into the site, I was happy to oblige! 🙂

    @ Dave Wolfe – that’s too funny! And thanks so much for the kind words. I should likewise send my compliments to you regarding your awesome spanko comics. Whilst anything I produce is just some silly digital trickery, your work is actual art! 🙂

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