Spanko: Changing The World. . .Taking Over The World?

Graphic by CherryRedReport Design Squad

We are changing the world as global warming is going global. Because our fetish kicks ass.  So, fellow spankos, we are simply gonna’ take it one red bottom at a time in the revolution of the red rear. And eventually world domination will be our dominion.


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4 thoughts on “Spanko: Changing The World. . .Taking Over The World?”

  1. Hehe – nice work Dave – I love those old-school graphics coupled with your witty slogans!

    I think the world is indeed beginning to lean towards kinkiness – just this weekend, I noticed a mild spanking reference on the latest episode of The Simpsons. It seems that these days we have more and more like-minded people sneaking into the writers’ rooms of movies and television shows 🙂

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