My Favorite Cherry Red Letters to the Editor

I hope everyone had a great Spanksgiving! I’m very thankful for you, the readers, your creative input, ideas and feedback that is both positive–and negative. Anyway, we here at CRR certainly appreciate any and all comments, feedback and emails.

While we do not receive an overly abundant amount of emails/letters here at Cherry Red Report HQ,  I have saved some of the more interesting and, errm memorable ones for this post here:


“To the cherry red: Can you pls interview Rosaleen Young, and also Sierra Salem, and preferably both at the same time, maybe they can spank each other. I’d appreciate that.” K.M., USA

“Why don’t you shut the hell up and just print more ass on this f—–g cherry report blog and more spanking asses, as I need to see more of that. You call yourself cherry red? Post more asses that are RED.”–  DT, California

“I’m writing to inform you that I found this blog via Googling the words ‘new england’ and ‘chinese food’ and thought you should be aware of it. As clearly this blog has absolutely nothing to do with either of those items.” Henry, Westershire, UK

“I read this interview with a lot of interest. Can you ask the guy from Real Life Spanking if the amazing Angel from that website could be spanked by me? I could fly to Europe, although I don’t speak Dutch [sorry!], or whatever language she currently speaks, or I could fly Angel over here to the U.S. and spank here over here.” Darron, USA

“Hello! I have read the blogs with such and most great appreciation. You made my day. Thank you. However, I find it most fascinating. Thank you. I would find that appreciating.” — Anon. [classic spam post, varieties of which I receive weekly.]

“This blog is dumb. And by association, you are dumb.” — Cathy, USA

Amber Pixie Wells is my favorite model and I think you should feature her weekly, if not daily. I wish hourly!?” –Petros, Spain

“Mr. Dave: Could you please update this blog more often, as I”m tired of waiting around, and wondering what is up with the cherry red? Thanks!” — Julia T.

“I”m looking for site member passwords to some good spanking sites, and wondering if I can borrow all of yours, or the ones you have available? And/or any pix and vids that you can send to me?” — Anon.

“Your implement review feature was completely useless. As it had nothing on canes. And the best ones and where to buy them. Useless!” — T. Lavitz, Ireland

Amelia Jane Rutherford is the most awesomest and amazing model of all time in the history of this entire spanking fetish, in the entire world, with the best heiney in history. If AJR did a shoot with Rosaleen Young, the world would explode.” –Scott

“Excellent blog, but considering its name, there should be more pictures of cherries throughout the blog and within the posts.” –Ms. Leoline

“More photos of Francesca Le. More photos of Francesca Le. More photos…please. I hope she’s single! Do you happen to know?? What about Amelia Rutherford?” –Jason B.

“You did post many a long time ago on the mouth-soaping and this fetish, including the girl from Tushy with soap in her mouth. Why not more on topic of soap since at that time? I hope you do not hold something against the topic of soap.” — “Le Soapy,” aka: Jean from France

“You obviously can not spell on this Cherry Red blog. And the grammar is questionable, at best. Why don’t you hire a spellchecker? And a grammarian while you are at it?” — Chris, NY

“I love the imagery of Alannah Rae. I HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS I WANT TO ASK HER, AND CLARE FONDA AS WELL! Can you contact her and ask them for me?  I know Alannha does porn but she should quit that garbage and do spanking ONLY! Preferably OTK ONLY! Not nude but jeans down ONLY!” — Jordan, USA

“Can you do a post on if you have a spanking fetish, can you make it go away? If that is possible, or do you have to live with this forever?” Larry, New Jersey


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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Cherry Red Letters to the Editor”

  1. And there’s nothing like getting spanked in New England after a mighty satisfying meal of Szechuan beef and sticky rice!!! Hmmmm…I could use a grammarian to help me out with this comment. There are two words underlined in red. 😆

  2. Dallas: A man that lets his mixed martial arts-trained fists do the talking. And his iron spanko hands.;)

    Joanna: LOL. love it! your comment made me laugh :=)))

  3. Cherry Red… I have stepped up my training to private with a J.J.I.F. 5th degree black belt. Tested in Aki -Jitsu , ju jitsu and judo every session. Amazing and dangerous skills my sensei has!

  4. I love the letters that are just downright insulting! I guess you broke into their homes, held a gun to their head, and forced them to log on to this blog and look at it! If ya don’t like it, don’t look at it, plus its free, geez! some people (hot girls) should be spanked and some people (idiots) should just be beaten! sorry couldn’t resist!

  5. I love dumbass complaint emails!

    “Dear Mr Dave,

    You are SO useless, I mean you must be a total moron not recognise this fact as it is just that obvious.

    In fact, you’re SO useless I’m going to waste my valuable time [I am a real bigshot you know] to show you the error of your ways.

    Now of course I am WAAAY too smart to be bothered a blog of my own, update it regularly, and check it for errors. Instead, I just randomly surf the web and help others to improve their own sites. That way, I get the satisfaction of having no workload and always being right.

    Your big problem is that you don’t cover spanking African-American girls (aged 25-30 and with blond hair dye) with 30″ paddles. I mean this is just SO important for any spanking blog that yours is just total crap without this.

    Anyway, clean up your act!

    Random Surfer Dude ESQ.

    PS I hate you”

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