It’s Christmas-time at Clare Fonda’s House

[INSERT CAPTION HERE!] Anyone want to suggest a caption for this photo of these misbehaving elves ???

ABOVE: Just another picture-perfect holiday tableaux at Clare Fonda’s house.  From left to right: Clare Fonda, Ashli Orion, Abigial Whitaker, and Sarah Gregory.

BELOW: Ashli Orion learns the true meaning of the holidays…

[Just FYI, Ashli Orion is also a hardcore adult film star and you can check out some of Ms. Orion’s XXX films HERE.]

:!:More spanking pictures of Ashli and friends are HERE and also my favest gallery HERE.] And then there’s otk spanking eye candy with Ashli and Paige over HERE. Yummm…

A whirling dervish of a dastardy blizzard is apparently headed to New England.  I have the flu.  And I ran out of red wine so I’m sipping the “champagne of beers” — Miller High Life beer. The horror. . .

But yet, it’s the holly jolly holidays.  Thusly, in the spirit of good cheer, in the latest bun-toasting release from Clare Fonda’s hi-def My Spanking Roommate site [also available via her Multi-site pass], we have a truly timely and sizzlingly seasonal bun-toasting savory tale that exemplifies the Christmas spirit:

A scene that really represents what this holiday is all about: cherry red asses.

Am I right?

I mean, the whole naughty or nice thing? Santa’s a spanko and I think you know it.

I mean, come on, those naughty, mischevious elves lurking at the mall?

Those horrific office holiday parties that leave you yearning to yell “Bah, Humbug!” and simply aching to spank your hot female colleague in front of your boss?

*  *  *  *


Yes indeed, the joyous spanko spirit of the holidays is upon us.  So for more seasonal spanktastic Holiday Fare, may I therefore direct you to this Chelsea Pfeiffer release from 2006, “In The Christmas Spirits,” featured on my pervy sister site, the pay-per-minute spanking extravaganza that is CherryRedMovies. [Yes, you can try it for Free. It’s fun–I promise.]

File under: Yum.  This film stars the inimitable Clare Fonda and the divine Carolyn Reese, who is sporting those cute little curly toe shoes favored by various elves on The North Pole.

Be that as it may, if you dig gorgeous bottoms roasting on an open lap, this seasonal spanko spectacular will be worth a view on CherryRedMovies. Especially as Clare Fonda earns a trip over the knee for a well-earned bottom warming at the strong hands of Ms. Reese.

Time to crack open another Miller High Life beer.

A safe and happy holiday to all. And to all, a goodnight.

Box cover art and screenshots from CherryRedMovies.

* * *


ADDENDUM: Below is one of my favest naughty elves of all time, the amazing Pixie of PunishedBrats fame, in a classic pic from 2008.  And be sure to check out her always fabulous blog[Perv on over HERE for a recent classic Pixie preview foto gallery, a sorority spanking scene, and some delightful preview videos.]

MORE FREE PIX: Speaking of punished brats, check out some of the newest models at PunishedBrats, including Mischa and Bronte. And if you have a weakness for spanking in cute PJ’s, as I do, this gallery here with Tina is a classic of the genre.

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9 thoughts on “It’s Christmas-time at Clare Fonda’s House”

  1. My caption for the first photo would have Santa Clare saying–

    “C’mon, c’mon. We have 7,000 more of these hairbrushes to test for safety before Santa can hand them out on Christmas….”

    Dr. Ken

  2. My caption, Sarah Gregory is heard to whisper as she watches one friend paddle the other mercilessly at Claire’s behest, “Gosh, I thought the worst that could result from being naughty was to get a lump of coal in your stocking!”

  3. “And we heard Santa say…’On Ashli! On Sarah! On Abi! On Clare! Turn Abi’s bottom red, by the stockings hung with care!’


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