The 2nd Annual Cherry Awards

The 2009 \Hello spankos: May I say in advance: Happy New Year!  As 2010 approaches, it’s time for the 2nd Annual “Cherry” Awards for 2009, as announced by the “Nominating Assminstration Committee” at The Cherry Red Report.

The first annual awards were absolutely thrilling, so we thought to make this an annual event. The “Cherry” award celebrates excellence in everything related to the cherry reddening of bottoms.

In the sphere of excellence and greatness, inspiration and achievement, we have The Nobel Prize. The National Book Award. The Pulitzer. The Presidential Medal of Honor, et al.  But let’s add to that list please, if you will: The Cherry.

So let us walk down the cherry red carpet and announce the winners of the second annual “Cherry” Award.

Please keep in mind these awards for spanking excellence are issued in the spirit of good humor and fun, and should not be taken too seriously as such. Cool?

And now, in no particular order, let us begin the cherry red festivities:


Cutest Pet Featured in a Spanking Video: Dallas’ delightfully diminutive Maltese by the name of “Moonlight,” who made her big-screen debut in a video with Pixie on Dallas Spanks Hard. Moonlight will be interviewed in a future blog post on The Cherry Red Report.

Website of the Year: SpankoLife. Who needs Facebook when there is SpankoLife, a fast-growing social networking site for spanko people.  Besides, doesn’t Facebook annoy you to death after a while anyway?

Comeback of the Year: The amazing Sinn Sage recovers from a very serious snowboarding injury and continues the piping hot erotic spanking on her sizzling F/f spank site, SpankSinn.

Pervertable of the Year: Conair wins for the second year in a row — this time for a paddle brush with quite an oversized business end. A true pervertable. It’s hard plastic but looks stingy. Available at Target and

Best Dressed Male Spanko: The always dapper, nattily-dressed David Pierson from Punished Brats will once again walk the cherry red carpet with his “Cherry” award. The man has no competition.

Email of the Year: “I am brat. Need to get spanked. How?” — Anon.

Dirty Old Man Award: Not quite sure who this craggy old dude is with the stunner over his knee, in the first scene of this classic Cal-Star vid. Be that as it may, when I get old and grey, I want to be a craggy dirty old perv just like him. The spanking scene is quite intriguing — the spankee exquisite.  Def. check it out. . .

Artist of the Year: Kami Tora. A divine master of the art of the glowing, cherry red bottom — Kami Tora is the Renoir of the red ass. [A classic illo is pictured at right.]

Best Excuse To Not Get Spanked: “You can’t spank me. I am the key to the universe.” — Seen on an anime comic panel; artist unknown.

Website I Wish Would Return to Life Award: Far East Media’s potent blend of hot spankings and sex mesmerizes. Their site sadly has not been updated in about 9 years, but you can watch all their Far East Media films on-demand, pay-per-minute right over Here.

Most Numerous Use of the Phrases “Dear Reader” and “Your Humble Narrator”  in Blogging History Award: Mr. Brushtrokes at The Spanking Spot, who used these phrases a combined total of 734 741 times this year. In addition, the Spot’s Mr. Brushstrokes offers frequent industry updates with a heaping dollop of good humor, levity and strangely fascinating personal tidbits i.e. he apparently has a weakness for women in overalls.

Rosaleen Young Re-Issue Of the Year: OTK Spank re-released this remaster of a classic Rosaleen Young spanking scene — perv over to the free preview vid ‘n’ pix] that is simply delicious. Her stunning spanker is gorgeous and has a surprisingly firm hand in this scene.

Unique & Creative Blog Award: Suzy’s Spanking Union. Yes, spankees/bottoms have unionized(!) and you can read all the ensuing legal entanglements and Spanker/Top “violations” on the SSU blog.

Greatest Use of PJ’s in a Spanking Scene: Tina [pictured at left] wriggling over the lap of paddle-wielding Veronica on Punished Brats, her PJ’s in a delicious tangle at her ankles: Please check out the free spanking gallery HERE. Picture perfect perfection.

Pervy Mainstream Magazine Award: Loaded Magazine’s spanking cover shot featuring two lubricious hotties in the otk position. Get thee to your local newstand, as this puppy is suitable for framing.

Brat of the Year: The incorrigible Ashli Orion from Spanked Sweeties [pictured at Left and Below]. I believe Clare also grounded this hellacious miscreant for one to two years, along with having to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. [Ashli is also an adult film star and you can check out tons of Ashli’s porn vids and scenes HERE.]

Animal Welfare Award: Clare Fonda and Pixie do lots of inspiring work on behalf of animal shelters and adoption, and that is a wonderful thing indeed.

World’s Most Popular Spanking Blog Award: Chross Blog. If there was one top-notch spanking blog that would take over the world, it would be this excellent blog, edited by the tireless “spankologist” Mr. Chross, that I believe is the most popular spank blog on the entire planet.

Best Hair Flying Through the Air Photograph: Lilly Page from PunishedBrats. Her beautiful tresses appear to have their own aeronautical trajectory and flight path — and perhaps their own center of gravity.

Iron Hands Award: Nope it’s not Dallas this time. It’s Ms. Law aka: Kayla Quinn [who was interviewed on this blog HERE] from Bad Tushy does truly posses both iron hands and an iron will when she tans the tushy. Abandon all hope ye who piss off this bodacious blisterer of burning bottoms.

Unique Implement Of the Year: Chelsea Pfeiffer of GoodSpanking fame has been known to wield something that looks like a huge shoehorn which she has thusly named the “Thwacker,” which is actually a palm frond shaped into a paddle-like implement.

Best Name for a Spanking Party: BoardWalk Bad Ass Weekend.

Most Improved Interior Decorating: It appears as if Mike from Real Life Spankings traded in that old green couch featured in so many otk spanking vids on RLS, and is now utilizing a lovely beige piece that really works quite nicely with his post-modern home decor.

Coolest Re-Creation of a Vintage TV Show for a Spanking Vid: I Dream of Janie aka: Amelia Jane Rutherford.  This is a pulse-quickening take-off created by Dallas on Dallas Spanks Hard, on the wildy popular “I Dream of Jeanie” TV show — this time with the bewitching Amelia Jane Rutherford in those gauzy, dreamy outfits. I say, bravo!


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21 thoughts on “The 2nd Annual Cherry Awards”

  1. Thanks, Dave. I’m a little afraid of that thwacker, even as a top. It’s a formidible implement! Also, that genie outfit that Amelia’s wearing looks awfully familiar. We have one just like it that we put Jessica Eden in back in 1998. Dallas’ set is better, though.

  2. Dave, thanks so much for awarding Spankolife the website of the year. I can think of no higher praise then to be voted that by one of the top spanking blogs in the world!



  3. I was gonna do something similar but you and Gabe have saved me the bother!! heh heh

    I have to say that Mike from RLS should also be awarded the best stripey tee & polo shirts awards (it’s all he has in his wardrobe!)

    & special “shout out” to Headmaster Tom at GBS for looking smart, although Mr Pierson should get it this year!

    happy new year!

  4. Honored to be awarded next to Pixie. We do love our rescued pets and glad to have brought the brat with Orion. Defintely will be working with her some more.

  5. great blog and awards, but you forgot 1 award…the shiny hiney tushybuns of the year, lol! I would pick Sinn Sage for that one too, but of course I’m biased I love her site and her delicious round shiny hiney tushybuns! everyone should check out her site though, its unbelievable, she’s probably gonna kill me in 2010, lol! great job with these awards though! congrats to everyone who won too!

  6. Goodness me! There are more awards than you can poke a stick at!

    Next year, you might need to follow the Academy and do the technical awards separately.

  7. Great collection of Cherry Awards, Dave, and you should have a reader nomination category so we can vote The Cherry Red Report as the coolest site with the hottest bottoms. Fantastic site and fantastic work, Dave.

  8. I’d like to thank my baby’s momma.

    Dave’s keen insight and laser-like vision has truly shown itself in my receiving this award, and I thank him for being so honest.

    Dave, your ten bucks is on it’s way, just as we agreed. Oops, did I type that out loud?

    Seriously, I’m flattered and I really do appreciate my Cherry Award!

  9. Moonlight is absolutely thrilled and sends her barkiest thanks your way. She’s looking forward to the interview! 😉

    And thank you for the kind words on I Dream of Janie. It was one of our most fun projects so far. How can you go wrong with the likes of the beautiful Amelia Jane Rutherford playing the perfect role of Janie? *BLINK*

    Thanks again! We loved all the awards.


  10. Thank you Dave for giving us this award.. I’d like to thank all the members of SSU for their continued endurance of millions of unnecessary spankings and I’d like to thank all the Spankers/ie: future SSU violators out there for thier misjudgements, rash behavior and plain ol’ meanness in giving out those uncalled for spankings in the first place, without which the SSU would not need to exist. 😀


  11. And for the second year in a row, my blog “Spanking Minnesota” gets shut out!

    Geez, who do you have to spank around here to win an award?? (Please let the answer be, “Amelia Jane Rutherford”!)

    Seriously, it was a wonderful award ceremony, and I can’t really disagree with any of the choices. Good job!

    Dr. Ken

  12. I have to say that the site I wish would come back to life is It was one of the first sites I visited after getting a computer, and I was really seduced by the young lady who calls herself Claire. I don’t know any spanker who wouldn’t love to have that delicious young brat whimpering and alternately purring over their knee.

  13. I would like to add that Rosaleen Young, is without a doubt, the sexiest kitten to ever bare her bottom, to anyone.

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