The Latest F-M Creation from Kami Tora; And Cherry Red Spanko News Items

F/M art by famed artist Kami Tora.

It’s 2:30 a.m. and just got home from work. Zoinks.  Alas, spankos, what better way to unwind than sip some Johnny Walker, spin some vinyl blues records, perv over to some pulse-pounding spanko sites, and check out the latest, hot-off-the-press, cherry-red themed work from master illustrator Kami Tora.

But, I know it’s (gasp!) F-M and I usually don’t cover too much of that tushy territory, but, really, as long as it’s cherry red, it’s all good, you know? Watch for a detailed Cherry Red Report Q&A with the man, himself, the man behind the sizzling work of Kami Tora…

SPANKING 101: Tasha from BumRapProductions is publishing next month an E-book entitled Hot Crossed Buns: A Beginner’s Guide to Spanking. Stay tuned for an in-depth article on this most intriguing title. Tasha is generously giving away free digital copies of the book for a limited time. For those who want to be notified when the download link becomes available, shoot an email over to:

LILY ANNA: THE DVD: The fine folks at Punished Brats have released their latest DVD, the Lily Anna collection, which features seven butt-burning scenes with the spanktastic Lily Anna — and also features David Pierson, Ms. Susan, and Veronica Bound, who will be featured on this blog soon.

I HEART AMELIA JANE: Need an Amelia Jane Rutherford fix? Well, this blogger often does, and thusly finds that AJR Vol. 1 does the trick, especially as it has an intriguing interview with Amelia Jane — her accent will melt you, if her gorgeousness has not already. Recently returning from a globe-trotting fetish photo tour, she’s back in the UK, with more spank shoots lined up I am sure. [AJR was interviewed on this blog HERE.]

ASHLI ASHLI ASHLI: My fixation with anything related to brat of the year Ashli Orion: click Here for free gallery, whose divine posterior is pictured at right from the Spanked Call Girls site, well you see, my fixation thusly continues unabated into 2010. Thank you Clare Fonda. [Clare is also looking hot as heck in her latest spankee role on Sweeties, topped by pro spanko Steve Fuller.]

ANYONE INTO UNIFORMS?: There’s a nifty brand spankin’ new site recently launched called Spanked in Uniform which features detailed soap-opera style scenarios featuring nasty nurses, misbehaving schoolgirls, sassy stewardesses, and more; however, where the heck are the cheerleaders???? My sources tell me they are working post haste on some cheerleader unis scenes. Bring it on.

GETTING MY TWEET ON: The Cherry Red Report has joined the Twittersphere with my fellow twerps and twitterati on the micro-blogging Twitter site.  Lots of spankos on Twitter, so certainly check it out if you’d like. You can follow my thrilling tweets on Cherry Red Report’s Twitter page here.

THE MAJESTY OF GEORGIA GOLD: Was thinking somewhat randomly the other day that when I first saw this Shadow Lane schoolgirl spanking masterpiece, I believe I fainted? Shortness of breath was involved.  I remember ordering the VHS(!) tape, directed by spanking pioneer Eve Howard and Butch Simms, and watching it in my dorm when my roomie was in class. ShadowLane continues today in bringing so much class and creative flair to the spanko scene.

My favest scene is, can you believe it, the schoolgirl scenario. Simply fantastic dynamics between top-notch Top Nick Phoenix and squirming spankee Ms. Gold — those white nylon panties and the socks and umm….check it out, now playing at CherryRedMovies. The strikingly spankable Georgia Gold starred in several other ShadowLane classics, and other fav is the delightfully pervy Nurses Know Best,  featuring some hot spankings and temp-taking scenes with Alexis Payne and Chelsea Pfeiffer as the twin Tops.

* * *

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4 thoughts on “The Latest F-M Creation from Kami Tora; And Cherry Red Spanko News Items”

  1. I urge each and everyone to help out with financial assistance to Haiti.
    Men, women and children are suffering. Please do what you can.
    Just 10.00 can save a child life tonight.

  2. Far be it from me to frown upon a good spanking pic, but I do have trouble seeing a deliciously-spankable schoolgirl-type tanning someone else, especially a boy. Call me old fashioned, but isn’t that what spanking is? 😉

  3. Aside from that, I wish I knew the identity of the girl known as
    “Claire” in those BiSpanking videos. I wonder if anyone knows. She’s so delicious and so spankable!

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