Exclusive Interview: A Q&A with Abigail Whittaker

The editorial team here at CRR are truly delighted to finally feature spanking star and Zen master of bratting, Abigail Whittaker, in this exclusive interview, despite sending my initial interview query about 9 years ago. I’m a patient man.

But after perusing this post, I think you shall thusly agree the wait was worth it, as Abi is one of the funniest, most charming and witty, and delightfully bratty spankees to ever grace these cherry red pages. [Check out the aptly named SpankThatBrat for more info on Abi and her very good friend Audrey.]

But, wait, there is more. You’ll learn that Abigial is a serious, seasoned outdoor adventurer. And you will read about her hunting & fishing exploits; love of cooking wild game; her collection of animal skulls;  and on the discipline front, her “behavior deficiency” issues, plus info on a top-secret new spank site she is working on with Samantha Woodley, advice for potential spanking models, and so much more.

A true born spanko, Abi has shot with heaps of red-ass related companies ranging from Firm Hand to Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking to Clare Fonda and Girls Boarding School and more.

**CHERRY RED MOVIES SUGGESTION: Check out Abi as an incorrigible, and adorable, au pair in this Shadow Lane film entitled “Authority Figure,” in which she ends up with a cherry red posterior from the firm hand, butt-burning paddle and sizzling strap of “Mr. Brewster,” wonderfully played by Lance del Toro.

Abi is spanked and strapped hard, along with Kailee, by the ever stern Lance del Toro in this spanking classic, available instantly at CherryRedMovies. Try this pay-per-minute, on-demand site for free if you’d like, and it’s wicked easy, super discreet and fun.

The Chelsea Pfeiffer film “Chelsea Spanks” with Abi, and Amy Hunter, makes for spanktastic viewing for corporal punishment connoisseurs.  In addition, Abi is no stranger to discipline at the hands of Headmaster Tom at Girls Boarding School. Need a taste? This butt-blistering paddling video, a cherry-red flavored OTK hairbrush scene, and this posterior sizzling leather paddle-like strapping in the diaper position(!) video are must-see TV.

*  *  *

Thank you very much Abi for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report ! So umm what is it like being, to use your words, “behaviorally challenged” ?

Well, it’s a tough, tough life, Dave, having a behavior deficiency.  There’s not many who truly understand that I just can’t help it, that I was just born that way, and that I’m endlessly persecuted for it.  Spanked, paddled, strapped, caned…you name it.  Just look at Audrey’s videos! Sure…go on and watch my poor little ass get punished!  Everyone enjoys seeing that, even though it is GROSSLY undeserved!  Like I said….it’s a hard life (and I’m not sure I’d ever want to change it!)

Perched over Clare Fonda’s lap with panties peeled down to half-mast, bratty Abi gets a delightful dose of behavior modification on the Spanked Sweeties website.

I love how you say on your SpankoLife profile, that no matter how many spankings you get, you always end up bratting — in an “impish” sort of way.  I assume this will not be changing any time soon ?

Not if I have anything to do with it! See above!  But honestly, in everyday life, amongst everyday people I’m just as much of a teasing, slightly cynical, sarcastic smart-ass that I am around the severest of spankers!  It’s just part of my nature — obviously I’ve learned mostly when to turn it off in my professional life, but otherwise my mouth seems to get me into the most trouble of anything.  I simply don’t see any great cosmic occurrences on the rise so I’m relatively sure this is NOT going to be changing anytime soon!

What are some of the main things, or most frequent things you get punished for?

Abi stars in the classic “Authority Figure” from Shadow Lane, pictured above squirming over Lance del Toro’s seasoned lap, available now at CherryRedMovies.

My mouth.  I just cannot let things lie…I’m a great and stubborn debater, to a fault.  My friends all say I should have been a lawyer.  I also occasionally get punished for laziness around the apartment I share with my friend Julien.  Undone dishes or laundry, or just general womanly moodiness has me over his lap more often than not.

I don’t think he knew what he was taking on when we decided to share our living quarters, hehe.  And when I’m around Audrey [pictured at left] it seems everything out of my mouth is getting me smacked on the butt.

As far as severe offenses, it’s been a long time since I’ve been punished for any…back when I was younger I used to be very risky with my partying habits which got me into quite a bit of very painful trouble.

What is worse: cornertime or bed-time?

I can sleep anytime, anywhere…so bedtime is an awesome…erm…punishment!  Cornertime is my arch nemesis….I have cornertime ADHD or something…I fidget and I start feeling like seconds are actually getting LONGER. I hate it. And Julien came up with this terrible idea of using his heating mat switched to high on a stool for me to SIT in the corner on.  When is enough going to be enough?!

If you had a choice, generall speaking, would you rather be a sassy schoolgirl or naughty cheerleader?

I’ve done the naughty schoolgirl thing many times…both in actually being one in real life and playing one out in my fantasies and on screen.  I think I’d like to try more cheerleader work.

They’re cute and bubbly and like to show off their barely-covered bottoms…it’s half the reason I go to college football games (besides the tailgating, of course). I don’t think I’d have made a good cheerleader though because I don’t think dropping a bitchy co-cheerleader from the top of a pyramid is condoned, and I feel it’s something I might do.

I know you are primarily a bottom, but you have done some Topping I think? of both m/f’s? How have you enjoyed switching roles?

Yes, I’ve done a little topping on film and also a little in real life.  Both male and female.  I do enjoy switching roles! I don’t think topping is as much of a driving need for me as bottoming is, maybe because bottoming contrasts with my overly independent attitude in my vanilla/professional life.  However, I keep getting told that I’m good at topping…and the truth is a little bit of a sadist comes out in me when I’m in charge.  I can and will spank HARD and use a lot of verbal lambasting as well.

But given how many I’ve taken myself, I think I have a fair idea on how things should be done…and in figuring out what a bottom really craves.  I have an urge to really push the bottom…and in my play I’ve made guys cry, which I just thought was so awesome.

They did, too, as they didn’t think it was possible!  I think my top side will continue to come out as I age and mature and actually gain authority in my life. I enjoy exploring it and will probably do more…and possibly more in the BDSM scene.  Like controlling and punishing guys by their…well, you get it.

You’ve shot for tons of producers — what/who are some of your favest folks/producers to work with?

This is hard to answer! I have a lot of faves! I love shooting with Dallas because he treats his girls so well, is a riot to be around, and he pushes me on camera.  I felt very safe with him.  Girls Boarding School was really cool to shoot for…[Editorial Note: Check out this Girls Boarding School paddling video with Abi.] Headmaster Tom is fun to brat at dinner after the shoots, hehe, and they also treated me like royalty.  Clare Fonda just makes me laugh pretty much constantly between takes and her shoots are laid back and she’s very open to ideas.

My shoots with her became personalized and we played out a scene that sort of happened to me in real life!  Of course, anytime I shoot with Audrey the shoot takes on its own life and we just let ourselves go…and being such close friends means that it’s in no way a job and we spend the time we aren’t shooting hanging out, drinking, and more spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking will always hold a special place in my heart…it was my first company, and I’ve learned so much from the producer.  I fashion a lot of my own shoots somewhat in the way of theirs as far as professionalism and camera work.

I wanted to say here, if there are any potential models reading this, I’m totally willing to offer any advice I can as far as who to shoot for, questions to ask, etc.

One thing I think is lacking is guidance for vulnerable models who can easily be persuaded (especially as young college students and whatnot) to do more work than they’ve been compensated for, and other things like that.  It’s a business industry, after all.  Ask me at abi_whitt@yahoo.com!

Inquring minds want to know: what implement do you like the best? least? and why?

Best is either a hand or a leather belt or strap.  I love the personal contact of bare hand on bare bottom… plus it sends a shiver up my spine when my spanker lays their hand on my cheeks, like a signal of ownership.  At least that’s how I imagine it 🙂

And I just like the burn and sting of leather…I mean, it HURTS and it punishes but the sound and the leather sting just do it for me.  Now this is not to say that the hand and belt can’t punish me…because they can. And wholly.

But the least favorite of mine is the big paddles…I’ve got kind of a little butt and when one of those slams into it I feel like my cheeks are gonna come out of my mouth!

It just seems brutal…and if you’re bent over, there’s less contact besides maybe an occasional hand on the back, and I’m a big baby about that….I like to know my spanker is there and not just a paddle being slammed into my ass.  But I take the paddle when I’m sentenced to it 🙂

Whom have you not worked with, that you would like to someday in the future?

Punished Brats, for sure!

I was also wondering how is Audrey doing these days?

Audrey is doing great! She’s got her own thing going, having fun, and I think she’s really enjoying her spanking endeavors at the moment.  I see her often, we’ve been close for a long time so I love to hang out with her.

So how often does Miss Audrey errm…deal with your behavior deficiency issues?

She deals with me every time she sees me in one way or another, deserved or not.  She can’t help it.

And she is a very hard spanker, from what I’ve seen….

I’d have to say Audrey has more power per pound than any other lady I’ve been spanked by…so far anyway. Plus she’s evil. She likes to pinch and squeeze my sore butt, run her nails down it.  And it only gets a million times worse if it’s real punishment…*shudder*

Just wanted to say, I think you are so beautiful and have a truly tremendous, spankable, and spanktastic, bottom. Do you do anything in particular to stay so spankably delicious?

I’m pretty active.  I have an irregular lifestyle in my professional life where I work for 7 months a year with very few days off, out in the wilderness.  I carry a heavy electrofishing backpack onto rough terrain. I’d say 7 months of rapelling into rivers, hiking in waders up river, and climbing up all kinds of steep phenomena will do it, if anyone cares to try!

I also played softball in college during my undergrad which has made an underlying upper body muscle tone that hasn’t gone away.  Right now I’m loving the Ab circle pro.  I’m a total outdoors dork, like I said, so I’ve been hiking in order to hunt and fish lately.  I guess I’m a tomboy.  That’s the secret.

When you are not being naughty, if and when that ever occurs;), what are some of your regular vanilla, non-kinky hobbies?

I like to hunt and fish and be outside!  I collect animal skulls and teeth.  I have a large collection displayed of jars of ocean/freshwater fish in formalin, which I try to add to. When I can’t do that I’m reading, taking photos/video and editing them (I do some nature work in that field as well), watching movies, or cooking. I LOVE to cook…especially wild game.

Ask Julien…he thinks I need my own cooking show.  Which is true if anyone would like to cast me! 🙂   I also do like to party…I go to bars and clubs with my girls and I partake in some things I probably shouldn’t…imagine that!

ADDENDUM FROM ABIGAIL: For those interested in the past work I’ve done I’d like to let everyone know that I’m currently working on a concept site.  The content so far is proving to be very original and I’m absolutely itching to reveal it all, but we (I and my partner and co-brain for the site, the beautiful Samantha Woodley) have decided not to give too much away yet.

But let me just say I think it’s something to look forward to…Keep an eye out for upcoming sneak peeks posted in the online spanking world. I just wanted to give a little shout out about it!  It’s in the works…it’s gonna be awesome…and I’m tired of keeping it a secret!”

* * *

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13 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview: A Q&A with Abigail Whittaker”

  1. I must be obsessed with sweet spankable girls, because Abi Whattiker certainly falls under that category. She has that indefinable “something” that makes the male animal growl and
    throb with delight — and that’s well-before the actual spanking ; )

  2. What great news, Abi and Samantha Woodley, my two favorite spanking models of all time are working on a project togther, now that is something to look forward to. While Abi appears to have remained active I have not seen anything new from Sam in a long time. Is it true that she recently gave birth to a baby? In any case I am glad to read that she will soon be back on the scene Myself and her countless other fans are waiting with great anticipation, especially since she will be working with the lovely Miss Whittaker.

  3. One of my favorite spankees. The sarcastic smart-ass shines through. There really is no faking that. That just adds to the overall appeal. Add to that the vanilla hobbies and one of the cutest most spankable butts on the web and you have a star.

    thanks Abigail hope to see lots more,


  4. Abi great interview love to see you spanked by another girl hope Audrey works with you again,shall look out for more onyour new site with Samantha hope its girl to girl spanks my fav .saw you spanking Alison Miller on firm hand this week you gave her big spanks on her cute botty lovely ,love and spanks from tim xxx

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