Cherry Red Interview: A Q&A with Spanking Model Lottie Kinsade

Hello spankos. I must admit the CRR Editorial Board was sadly unfamiliar with the beguiling Lottie Kinsade until a reader recently suggested I feature her on the blog.

Capital idea, as this 20-something spanko from the UK is truly and indeed quite delightful.

Lottie’s first spanking shoots were with Northern Spanking, and she gets her blog on at Lottie’s Spanking Place. She’s also one of the featured models on the new site Spanked in Uniform. I’m gonna skip my periodically overlong, meandering, sometimes rambling intros and just get right to the Q&A. As always, comments are welcome and appreciated.

Thank you kindly Lottie for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. What’s the weather been like recently in the UK these days?

Ooh I do love talking about the weather! Well, it’s still pretty cold, and I hear its going to get a bit colder and we may have some more snow on the way.

Your bio on your blog says you are into “general mischief making.” Hmm! Care to elaborate? Does that include “bratting” ? Fresh behavior and the like?

As a terribly naughty schoolgirl, Lottie gets a dose of some tough love, OTK-style, on the new site Spanked in Uniform.

Well i guess I do like to be a bit naughty but in a good way, mostly just teasing and being playful and I suppose I do let my ‘inner child’ out sometimes too! I’d say Im a good girl really rather than a brat!

I read on your blog you are in University–just wondering how that is going and what you are studying? If I may ask, does anyone help keep you line these days, for, say, naughty behavior or low grades or what-not?

It is going well thank you, though I only started a few weeks ago. I did go to university a few years ago to study Law but left after a year as I decided it wasn’t really for me but now Ive decided to go back to school and am now studying American Studies.

I don’t think I would get spanked for low grades as its not something me and my boyfriend have discussed. I have asked him however to spank me if I start skipping classes as I can find it hard to motivate myself to go as sometimes I’m tempted just to stay in bed and watch T.V.

The new Spanked in Uniform site you are shooting for [pictured at left] looks quite yummy, but, for goodness sakes, where are the cheerleaders? I’ve already sent several letters of protest!

That’s what I asked too! Well I think ‘the boss’ may be incorporating some cheerleaders into the St Catherine’s School girl series so they may be coming soon.

Excuse my ignorance, but are there really no cheerleaders in the UK? That is a sad state of affairs if so.

Well actually there are some cheerleaders, mostly just independent groups and I believe some universities do have cheerleading groups too. Its just not really a big thing in the U.K. Maybe you should come to the U.K Dave and petition for more cheerleaders?!

Spanktastic idea! I would be a natural at that for sure. Anyway, what are some of your favest uniforms to wear on this new site?

My favourite uniform is probably the Air Hostess one mainly as its pink.  I also really liked the Police Woman one as it actually made me feel quite “Domme,” and made me feel as if I wanted to arrest someone or ‘lay down the law’!

How did your recent shoot w/English Spankers go for you? What kind of scene was it? And you shot for Spanking Online as well?

I had a fun shoot with English Spankers last week, we did 3 films with a ongoing storyline where a guy turns up unexpectedly as my husband has sent him to discipline me…. apparently I haven’t been a good wife and I need some discipline! Reluctantly I agree to get spanked and in the second film he returns and straps my hands (ouch) and in the third I get the cane.

I also shot with Spanking Online the week before which was quite hard, as i did lots of different scenes and there was quite a lot of caning but still I had fun.

How have you enjoyed shooting with Northern Spankings?

I’ve loved shooting with Northern Spanking [pictured at right], and Paul and Lucy are amazing people and really look after their girls. They were the first site I shot for and I’ve had so much fun and really enjoyed the shoots I’ve done for them.

They have tons of cool outfits too which is good as I really love dressing up! I’m impressed that even though they have done tons of films they still manage to come up with new ideas! I think my favorite scene with them was when I played Leia Ann Woods sister and she spanked me for cheating at a game or the Seance film with Irelynn.

I’ve always wondered, I mean, doesn’t one get very nervous/self-conscious or what-not, getting spanked in front of cameras w/other folks watching? Or do you block all that out?

Well I think it depends on the person. I don’t really feel self conscious about people seeing me getting spanked but I do get nervous about the modeling and acting side of it, as it’s still quite new to me.

I remember on my first shoot being terribly nervous but overtime I’ve gotten used to it.  And  I think that is the case for some other models. I used to feel quite self conscious about the way I looked etc. but I think becoming a spanking model has actually help me feel more confident in a way.

Generally speaking, would you consider yourself a born spanko?

Yes definitely. I think I’ve been a spanko since I was very young as I remember thinking about it even at the age of about 6 though I’m not quite sure where it came from as I was never spanked as a child.

I didn’t really discover that I was a spanko though until I was 19 or 20, when one day I was really bored and decided to read one of my mom’s historical romance novels and there happened to be a few spanking scenes in it — which gave me a ‘strange feeling’! Lol. So for the next few months I read every single book I could find by that author until eventually I decided to google Spanking. And the rest as they say is history.

Do you think it’s a genetic thing?

I think it might be or at least something that occurs in early childhood. A lot of people I have spoken to have said that they were interested in it from a very young age.

One of my earliest memories is of being about 6 and playing ‘schools’ at play time at school with some other kids and trying to get the kid playing ‘teacher’ to pretend to cane us! I would love for someone to do a study on it.

Who are some of your favest spanko models?

That is a hard question as there are lots that I think are great. I think I will have to say Pixie though as she’s one of the first I remember seeing and admiring.

In regards to implements, do you think hairbrushes should only be used for combing hair only, as several spankees have informed me?

Yes! They can be evil! I’m really not a fan of wooden implements though I dislike the cane and the wooden paddle more than the hairbrush!

Besides the otk spanking “kink,” what are some of your vanilla, non-kinky hobbies, interests and passions?

Well I’m kinda boring at the moment in that I don’t really have many vanilla hobbies, but my main interests are films/TV, animals and my biggest passion is traveling! I’ve been to about 15 countries so far and plan on visiting at least two more every year until I can.

Anything cool playing on your iPod or stereo these days?

Well I don’t know about ‘cool’ as my friends often laugh at my taste in music as I like just about every genre and music from different decades. Ive recently downloaded music from Pixie Lott, Lady Gaga and Jay-Z.

Thank you very much for your time Lottie!

* * *

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5 thoughts on “Cherry Red Interview: A Q&A with Spanking Model Lottie Kinsade”

  1. Yes she is! Lottie is a delight to work with. She is friendly, kind, lots of fun and very professional. Not too mention very beautifull 🙂 We are delighted to have her as part of our SIU team and she will be back soon for another shoot. Stay tuned spankfans!

  2. Nice interview, you took the winds out of my sails as I was about to request an interview with Lottie, better think up some new questions! Damn! 😉
    I hear she may be coming back to Xerotics if she wants, they were impressed with her, that’s for sure. Great girl.
    Oh, Dave, the English Spankers pic with the Headmaster, that’s from TheBareBottom website, not them 😉

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