CRR Exclusive Interview: The Amazing Alison Miller

I am smitten.  Let me preface this latest CRR exclusive, by saying I am smitten with fetish and spanking model Alison Miller, of Firm Hand Spanking fame, and her glorious flaming red locks.  And in addition to Firm Hand, she also works as a professional sub at The Dominion in LA.

[…..Never thought I had a fetish for redheads, but perhaps I indeed do, and often see the world thru cherry-red colored glasses.  For more redness, check out Chelsea Pfeiffer’s hot tanning of two redhead stunners in the mouth-watering scenes 3 and 4 of this Chelsea Spanks film.  In addition, the adorable Annabelle Lee is another reddish-haired miscreant that comes to mind.  And of course, there is the stunning Amber.]

Anyway, not only does Alison love and crave a sizzling cherry red and burning backside, but she is a hip-hop dancer and also studies mixed martial arts(!). And like this blogger, she also does not yet own an iPod.  And Alison uses phrases such as “Oh my Goshness!”

Could this be my soulmate, I asketh of thee ?

What’s more to like? Oh, well you have the show-stopping flaming red hair…..the perfect posterior and perfect pout. But wait, there’s more. . . .

But do read on, fellow spankos, and you will learn more flippin’ sweet factoids about this Firm Hand Spanking spanking super-starlet……and I am confident you shall be smitten as well.

[READER INPUT SECTION: I’m sure there are some questions you’d like me to ask Alison Miller that we were not able to get to in this Q&A: feel free to submit your questions, via the comment box or shoot me an email, for possibly a Part 2 in the near future. And as always, your feedback and comments are welcome and appreciated. Thank you!]

* * *

Heya Alison, Thank you very much for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report! So how are you doing these days?

I am fantastic! Thank you for asking.  I am just livin’ life, going to some parties (you might see me out and about in LA at fetish balls), etc.

I also work at a dungeon in LA called The Dominion where I can get spanked and get my fetishy side out everyday.  So if anyone would like to see me in person, please check it out and read my bio.  I start switching as of February 21, so if you would like to BE spanked by me, I could accommodate you.

I’m also hoping for  a vacation soon lol. *wishes*

As you seem to shoot quite a bit with Firm Hand, may I ask, are you sitting on a pillow right now ?

Haha, well I can tell you, that after a week and a half of shooting with them, I definitely could use a pillow to sit on for a week afterwards.  What I do for the viewers.  Nah, but I love it too, I feel like something is missing if I’m not being spanked.

I must say I am truly transfixed by your gorgeous flaming red hair, as seen in some Firm Hand spank pix where your hair is captured beautifully soaring through the air, in mid-flight, so to speak.

Why thank you 🙂  I turned it this color about a year an a half ago, maybe longer.  And since I’m Irish it goes with my complexion and I can pull it off.  I tried a more natural color for awhile (as you can see in my current work coming out on the site) and I missed the flaming red sooooo much.  I was back to my fiery self with in a couple months 🙂  Which reminds me, its about time to dye it again…..

Can you give me some background on the origin of your auburn tresses?

Well I was in New York (it’s actually a long story full of partying, long nights, sleeping all day, and a crazy old guy. But too long of story for now)…..  Annyyywwwaaayys, my friend who brought me up paid to get my hair done.

On one side of my head, there were black and white streaks.  On the other side, there were black and flame red streaks. When I took a shower, it blended together in the back. It looked amazing.  To maintain the hair, I just put red over everything and since I am a natural blonde, my hair takes the color so well.

So lovely. What shade of red would you say it is? might it be, say, cherry red?

Fire hydrant red is my favorite answer.  Stop light red. Now I have a new one to add, cherry red!

Nice! lol…..It appears your bottom is often of a matching reddish hue as that of your hair, as evidenced by many of the films at Firm Hand ?

Well I’m not sure anyone has ever accomplished turning my tush the same color as my hair.  I have offered this challenge up to anyone who would like to spank my bottom at The Dominion.  Or there’s the 2nd challenge of: will your hand get tired before my butt does?  It has gotten close, though I would say more often in my earlier videos when I was new to the spanking scene.

I’m also completely transfixed by your skin tight jeans as seen in the FH film “Attitude Adjustment.” If i may ask, I hope you can you wear more skin tight denim jeans?  This blogger apparently has something of a denim fetish…..

I’ve noticed I get A LOT of attention when I wear jeans. Funny thing is, I never seem to buy jeans.  It’s hard to find the right ones that will fit over my bubble butt and stay low on my hips. Any suggestions? Lol.  But yes, I have tried to add more jeans in and maybe even a tight jean skirt.  Keep watching for them 🙂

I am waiting with great anticipation Alison!  Generally speaking, how is life at Firm Hand?

I love working with FH, and they all are so professional.  You won’t see me anywhere else because they treat me well.  I do a lot of the directing now also, and I’ve even topped, which is fun ! Who doesn’t want to spank girls tushies?!? I get to meet all the amazing models and I get to be spanked!  Who could ask for more?!?

My Lord…:-) Errm…….hehe….lost my train of thought, ummm how long have you been shooting for them, and how did you get started with Firm Hand….. and what has that experience been like, working with the producers, other actors and the like?

I was approached via a modelling site almost 2 years ago.   At first I was like: no way! I got spanked as a child, and I’m sure not gonna get spanked as an adult lol.  But I ended up doing it.  I thought it was soooo much fun.  Everyone was great to work with.

And it’sfun meeting different tops and learning how they do their spanking method and adapting to work with them.  Its also been nice meeting the other talent.  I hated being spanked as a kid, but it seemed to be different now.

I didn’t realize until almost a year later, that it wasn’t just fun to me, I actually enjoy it!  Problem was we shoot 3 months apart so I wasn’t getting spanked in between.  Now, being at The Dominion, I get to be spanked more regularly and I could just eat it up!

If I may ask, do you also get spanked/punished in your private life as well?

I have been spanked a couple times in private.  Usually for punishment purposes, as I can’t seem to keep out of trouble! haha.  Now it’s finding that right person to do it for me and not for punishment.  I would like a relationship where I can be spanked and it not be weird or strange to the other person.  I still have not found that special someone.  Til then it’s all play 🙂

I hear you. What are you favorite roles/scenarios to play at Firm Hand? schoolgirl? cheerleader? naughty daughter? naught intern at The Cherry Red Report? etc?

OOOOooooo, I love love love the schoolgirl one!  I love being sent to reform school and then getting some good OTK!  Probably one of my favorite positions.  I would love some thoughts on new positions too. You never know, your idea could make it into a clip.  I think it’s harder to do scenes like boss/secretary (even though I do enjoy that one if done right) because I can’t misbehave as much.

I also did a scenario where my sister’s boyfriend was punishing me for being bad at school.  Then she came home and caught this happening and punished him! I did this one at The Dominion because we don’t punish guys at Firm Hand lol.  But it was one of the most fun roleplays I have done.  I’m always up for new and exciting roleplays and different ideas.  Roleplaying has to be my favorite part of getting spanked.

Sweet! Anyhow, your primary Top at Firm Hand, Cindy Wallace, seems to really know how to make an impression on your upturned bottom…..if I’m not mistaken?

Cindy was the first top I ever worked with.  I wasn’t really sure how to react or anything so I think I was waaaay more respectable.  I have had better connections with other Tops.  But yes, she definitely made an impression, especially with the paddle! Ouchie.

By the way, that large bathbrush I see wielded in many a vid looks downright evil……any thoughts on that implement?

Oh My Goshness!!!!  Yes!  That bathbrush sucks in so many ways!  I was trying to be tough and take a lot but it was insanely painful. Every time I shoot now, I know better than to be brave haha.  And it helps to know what if feels like when directing other models.  Lol, you know what they are going through.  So yes, its very very very evil.

Yet I don’t see the hairbrush too much on Firm Hand, oddly enough. Any reason why that is?

There are many different implements used at FH, so we try to cycle through them as we go.  But I’ll keep that hairbrush suggestion in mind for the next shoot.  Maybe we will break it out more.  Or just use it on my butt a few times 🙂

Are there any producers/companies out there you’d love to shoot with ?

I am exclusive to Firm Hand at the moment.  I know there are many great sites out there and I’m gonna attend my first Shadow Lane party this year! Wish me luck!  However, Firm Hand treats me really well.  I always look forward to every time we shoot.  It’s a blast!  And I get spanked regularly at The Dominion.  I have all I could ask for……for now 🙂

Would you say you are a born spanko, or did the ‘kink’ develop later in life?

It definitely developed later.  I had no idea it was a kink of mine (amongst many) until I was recruited to be spanked.  I even went to a couple fetish balls before I even worked for FH.

But that was just because I like to dress up (I create costumes out of gems paint, glitter, latex, etc) and I like to show off.  Is it bad to want to be the center of attention?  Maybe I am an exibitionist at heart 🙂

Maybe indeed….Hmmm mmmm….um…sorry, so what are some of your vanilla hobbies/interests and passions ?

Well I have two main ones.  I have been a hip hop dancer for over six years.  I try to go out three to four times a week just to dance!  You would be shocked what could come out of this little white girl frame.  I like to battle sometimes (in the circle) or gogo dance (the girls you see on stages when you walk in a club, not strippers).

Secondly, I love to train: muay thai, boxing, kick boxing, jui jitsu and MMA (mixed martial arts).  Great work out and a great way to learn to defend yourself.  Other than that, I model, promote, network, and live life to the fullest!

I…. think I’m in love now…..finally, anything cool playing on your stereo, or iPod, these days?

I like hiphop, trance, industrial, rock.  No country or hard core things. Funny thing: I don’t own an iPod yet!  Gotta get with the times lol.  But I’m super busy and just forget to do things sometimes.

It has been an honor and pleasure featuring you on my blog. Thank you very much Alison for your time! Keep up the amazing work!


To see more Alison Miller photos and videos, perv on over to Firm Hand Spanking.

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7 thoughts on “CRR Exclusive Interview: The Amazing Alison Miller”

  1. Dave,

    10,000 thanks for a lovely interview w/my absolute favorite spanking model (leaving aside Ms. Pixie, who is in a special heaven all her own)…The hair, the eyes, the mouth, and that perfect bottom! And it’s nice to know she’s so, well, nice!

    As always, thanks for all you do (can’t properly be called work, after all…)

  2. Hey everyone,
    If you would also like to find me on fetlife just search my name AlisonMiller all one word. You can discuss possible sessions and such there. The interview was great!
    Keep doin your stuff dave, dont be to in love with me now 🙂
    <3 Alison M.

  3. awesome interview man! she even said tushy in there, now I’m gonna have to join Firmhand to see if she says it any of the videos, lol! Spanking and Tushy Talk make for a perfect world, lol! thanks again for a great interview, you da man!

  4. Alison is a lovely young spankee otk is my favourite for you Alison lovely interview you are great on firm hand a little cutie ,love and spanks from tim xx

  5. I live on the East coast but after gathering from that interview that Allison is as nice as she looks, I think I may be booking a flight for LAX and putting The Dominion into my GPS.


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