CherryRedMovies: Screen Shot of the Week

Bottom arched perfectly and up on her tiptoes — a classic spanktastic image from “Finishing School Discipline.”

I am very visual. Perhaps obsessively so. And endlessly hungry for fresh ‘n’ new luscious spanko imagery, graphics and the like that gets this blogger’s spanko senses tingling.

While I enjoy perusing a cracking good spanko story, I can’t whet my lifelong and apparently insatiable appetite for cherry red-themed pervyness, from vintage spankobilia to modern disciplinary fare.

Maybe as we overlay our own scenarios and fantasies to an image, and use our imagination, we somehow as a result make these images our own.  They become a part of us perhaps. . . Hm.

As a result, I dig making my graphical creations, and also my own screen-grabs from classic vids at my sister site, the video on-demand, pay-per-minute CherryRedMovies, trying to find and capture the hottest screen shots that speak to me. And hope they speak to you as well ?

As one gets to choose the exact millisecond of frame one is capturing, I’m gonna assume these images are new to you. . .

In this screen-shot taken from the lovely film Finishing School Discipline, we have the unstoppable “Mr. Dawes” playing the role of the “Chairman of the Board of Governors” who must punish his strikingly gorgeous lass [model name unknown to me].

[Also Recommended: Check out Mr. Dawes as a perverted house painter who paints his stunning customer’s behind a wonderful reddish hue with an array of implements in Painter’s Payment from California Star. Love this exquisite box cover image.]

***What speaks to me regarding the pic at the top of this post are the iconic white panties; the way she’s up on her tip-toes really captures me; that perfectly arched panty-clad bottom; the non-spanking hand resting on the small of her back; the sizable age difference between spanker and spankee; and this sassy schoolgirl seems resigned to her fate of a well-spanked, sizzling hot backside.

Just spanktastic.  Stay tuned for more classic and pervy screengrabs on The Cherry Red Report.

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