New Spanking Art by Kami and Cc; And A Few Other Cherry Red Spanko News Nuggets

I thought I’d get bloggy with it and post a quick spank art post, and a few news items, to celebrate the cherry red goodness of life, and the arrival of spring.

Above: A brand new and delightful illo from Kami Tora entitled “Fender Bender.”

Below: The spanktastic Cc made me a lovely cherry-red themed illo. Thank you Cc! !

* * *

:arrow:Need some more cherry redness in your life?

Perv on over and check out the latest new and vintage red-ass releases at CherryRedMovies. No memberships, nothing to join, just pay by the minute.

Click this link HERE for 20-minutes for free to try it out. I’m digging it, as I can instantly watch the exact bottom blistering scene I want, with no worries whatsoever.

This video on-demand site features such spanktastic stars as the exquisite Amelia Jane Rutherford, Sierra Salem, Clare Fonda, Kailee, Samantha Woodley, Chelsea Pfeiffer, and many more.

Watch what you wanna watch, when ya wanna watch it, featuring studios ranging from California Star to Raven Hill and heaps more. Easy. And it’s fun.***

:arrow:Need some red-ass reading material? Forget Barnes & Noble — just check out the pulse-pounding spanking fiction by the unstoppable and prolific Loki Renard at her website Trouble Books. And lots ‘o yummy samples there.  Highly recommended.


:arrow:Need some new tushy? Check out the latest stunning Sweetie from Clare Fonda, who brings us Aiden Ashley. There’s another gallery HERE. Momma Clare is home and she’s not too happy! Some of the yummiest tight jeans pix at Sweeties since Alannah Rae made her debut. Enjoy.


:arrow:Need to brush-up on your spanking skills and knowledge? I know I do! Seasoned spanko veteran Tasha Lee has written “Hot Crossed Buns: A Beginner’s Guide To Spanking” (Vol. 1)available now via this link at This is on my must-read list.

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