A Super Speedy Recovery for Amber Pixie Wells !

3-29: UPDATE: It appears The Pixie is doing lots better. She updated her blog and says that “all will be well” — and even discusses her new Topping(!) tendencies. 🙂

3-25: UPDATE from David Pierson at PunishedBrats: “Amber Pixie Wells has been taken ill and her medical bills continue to mount.  Pixie continues to collect her salary from us, but her income from her other interests has ceased for the time being. Pixie is a young woman so very generous of spirit. A person of rare intelligence and an incomparable work ethic. There isn’t a second of the day that she isn’t on my mind. Pixie is expected to make a full recovery with time. We ask the you help defray some of her medical bills by sending a donation to [address below.]

*  *  *  *

3-23: As seen on Pixie’s blog, the one and only Amber Pixie Wells, of Punished Brats fame, is taking a medical leave of absence for health issues, but she is on the mend and is “doing well and getting healthier” —her blog states this is a private issue, so let’s please respect Pixie’s privacy.

****However, we can certainly inundate Pixie’s email [the good people at PunishedBrats tell me cards via snail-mail are preferred],  her blog, and even better, her PO Box with cherry cheery get-well wishes,  cool cards and spanktastic letters.

If you would like, feel free to snail mail your cards to this address below — let’s have her PO Box completely overflowing with our good wishes.

Amber Wells
P.O. Box 204
Oxford, NJ 07863

As you all know, Pixie is a very, very super person.  She is an angel. [Photographic proof is at right.]

And gracious and kind and giving.  You may have read of the charity work she does on behalf of animal welfare.

When my blog was brand new, and I was a lonely, clueless blogger, Pixie  gave me helpful tips, and even designed a cute graphic for me – with little glowing cherries on it, of course. I’ll never forget that.

In addition, she’s not only a famous spankee at Punished Brats, with a legendary bottom and pout and mischievous sense of good humor, but is a  multi-talented individual: webmaster, producer, photographer and more.

Her nature photography is just stunning btw, and her hiking treks and kayaking trips are a testament to her lifelong love of the outdoors.

So here’s to a super speedy recovery to The Pixie!  We love you.


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3 thoughts on “A Super Speedy Recovery for Amber Pixie Wells !”

  1. Dave–Here’s hoping that between your blog and mine (and whoever else might want to join in) Pixie gets a lot of get well cards via snail mail. There’s just something about getting a card–something you can see, read, and hold in your hand–that is very satisfying. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that someone actually spent the time to go out, buy a card, write a little message, and mail it to you that makes it a gratifying expression of how much someone cares.

    I hope Pixie’s hubby makes a trip to the P.O. Box and brings her back a sack of mail! (I mailed my card to her yesterday afternoon)

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