Cherry Red Q&A: Mike from “Spanked in Uniform”

I’m battling the flu, and a week or so ago crashed my new bicycle — in a parking lot. Not even pix of red ass are cheering me up. So sad, I know.

Nevertheless, we will attempt to soldier on, and are pleased to present a short Q&A with Mike from The Netherlands, who runs Real Life Spankings and recently branched out his perversity into the new Spanked in Uniform site.

The site features naughty nurses, bratty policewoman, sassy maids, ornery flight attendants, and of course, schoolgirls. Recently the legendary Amelia Jane Rutherford graced the website with her delightful misbehavior, and bodacious backside, in several tushy-tantalizing scenes.

Mike, as the primary spanker on the site, helps to bring cherry redness to the world. And for that, we salute this tireless corrector of misdeeds.


Hi Mike, Thanks for taking the time to chat with CRR.

You are always welcome.

So ummm are you hiring for your new site? I’m very Toppy.

LOL you always ask me that. Hop on a plane and you are welcome.

Booking flight…now. I know you’ve been the mastermind behind Real Life Spankings for the past 6 years, so what inspired this latest venture — the Spanked in Uniform (SIU) site?

Well actually it was my wife Kelly’s idea.  A few of our models, and myself, wanted to do more fantasy style videos with strong storylines and plots, so Kelly suggested a uniform site. And I came up with the idea to have series like TV series with continuity, good stories, and the five different episodes we focus on.

Capital idea. But must I fedex you some cute cheerleading uni’s, because I’m wondering when we will see some sassy cheerleaders on a site on uniforms and spanking ?

You ex-Colonialists and your cheerleader fantasies! 🙂 Good news though.  St. Catherines will soon have their own cheerleader squad for the netball matches etc. Stay tuned.

Hurrah! Great news. And I must say, it’s very nice seeing you on the new site clad in something other than your signature striped, shortsleeve polo shirt, which seems to be your daily outfit of choice on RLS. You must own several hundred by now?

Hahaha welllll….. I am jokingly called “the striped polo Meister” so I must keep up that tradition! Actually finding polos without stripes is hard here in Holland. I like wearing them (no ironing).

Out of the 5 different series on SIU, do you have a favorite?

No, as I really love them all.

An equal-opportunity spanko. And everything on the site is shot in hi-def? How often is the site updated?

We upload a new full episode every week. Personally I hate it when videos are split into parts and you have to wait weeks for the full video and then you can’t sit back and watch it with one click. So we post full episodes once a week for the site members.

The police-woman concept seems like a novel idea to me–how did you come up with that scenario?

I saw the uniform and thought that it would make a good series. A police station with a strict chief constable. The members love it.

Such pervs. I know you recently worked with Amelia Jane Rutherford on the site; what was it like working with this Goddess of the fetish/spanking world?

It was absolutely wonderful ! Not only is she one of the most professional and talented models I ever worked with but also, she is a lovely, kind, beautiful person. Not too mention drop dead gorgeous.

That doesn’t sound too shabby.  Who are some of the other spanko starlets that have been featured on SIU, and who would you like to work with in the future?

Too many to name here but I contacted Amy Hunter and a few other top British models. Of course Leia Ann Woods, Emma Bishop and Lottie Kinsade will be back soon for more episodes. We also have a few Dutch girls not seen on RLS. Also if any American models are in Europe, I would love to have them as special guest stars.

Looks like you also do some interesting photoshopping on some of the  pix….what inspired those graphics effects?

The visual effects is something I wanted to do for a long time. I enjoy editing and being creative. Also, it’s very handy as locations are always the main problem when making spanking videos. Now I can spank the girls on the street, on a plane etc, and it adds so much to the story.

Is there any downside to spanking all of these gorgeous bottoms? i.e. tired hand issues; models blowing off shoots or whatnot?

Not really, there’s no downside at all.

Hm. Tough life you got. So umm when you are not tanning tails, what are some of your non-kinky, vanilla mainstream interests?

We collect TV series on DVD and we have a huge collection. I love cooking and eating in good restaurants. That is why we go to London a few times a year. Buy DVD boxes and eat at Gordon Ramsay’s.

Thank you very much Mike for your time, and keep up the cherry-red, spanktastic work.

You are most welcome my friend!


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