Guest Columnist Loki Renard: Favest Spanko Writers

We here at CRR have been wondering: who are some of your favest authors within the spanko realm of fiction?

Gifted writers that get your genetically encoded spanko senses buzzing, and keep you flipping those pages, or clicking furiously through your E-reader gadget? Authors that captivate, enthrall and titillate, while bringing a high level of cherry redness to the written page?

:arrow:READERS: Please feel free to leave your feedback on you favest writers, and perhaps also your favest fiction websites, in the comments box–Thanks much!

Anyway, I recently posed this question to the prolific and seasoned spanking fiction author Loki Renard, of Trouble Books fame [who is one of my favorite writers], and we are delighted to post her response below. [On a side note, Loki is working on developing one of her spanking novels into a roleplaying video game. It’s in beta test mode at the moment. Stay tuned.]


Loki Renard’s Favest Spanko Writers:

Nobody is more critical of writers than other writers. Sometimes writers are so critical it’s easier to just drown them in a sack than listen to them go on about serial commas and the slow, painful murder of the English language. As a writer, I’ve often committed sack worthy sins of criticism, but here are four lovely lady spanking writers that I can honestly say no spanking fiction enthusiast should go through life without reading.

Bethany Burke

Bethany is an icon in the spanking fiction scene and for good reason. ABCD webmasters, now known as Blushing Publications has been publishing spanking fiction online since people started started chipping spanking stories into stone tablets (or maybe just shortly thereafter), but what you may not know is that Bethany is a very, very talented author herself.

My favorite Bethany Burke spanking series is one called Hidden Worlds, a story that takes sci-fi and ye olde settings and mashes them into one brilliant blend that will have you on the edge of your seat. What happens when a woman from an advanced Earth civilization where primal drives like lust have been conquered through implants finds herself in a fiercely patriarchal ostensibly old fashioned society? Hidden Worlds answers that question in many tummy tingling ways. You can find Bethany’s Tales at Bethany’s Woodshed.

Fiona Wilde

Fiona Wilde’s stories have made me clap my hands in glee, that’s how good they are. It’s not often a story will have you yelling at your monitor, but Fiona Wilde creates tales that will have you doing that. Aside from her most excellent story telling skills, what sets Fiona apart from the herd is her ability to weave believable modern day spanking tales. My favorite Fiona Wilde tales are The Preacher’s Daughter and Party Lines.

The first is about a stripper finding her way to God through the discipline of a good man (I’m not religious, but this tale makes the strongest argument for fantasy conversion I’ve ever come across), and the second is about two politically opposed tv talking heads butting heads until one of them gets her butt soundly spanked. It’s good. Really good. Fiona Wilde is extensively published by Blushing Publications, but appears to otherwise lurk away from the limelight of the Internet.

Nattie Jones

Creator of worlds, Nattie Jones has produced a plethora of tales set in the fantasy setting of the Land of Khys, which is a land about as politically incorrect as you can get with women being put up on the block to attain husbands when they reach the age of maturity and effectively being the property of the first man to mate with them.

In spite of a premise that would make any feminist split her skin with rage, these tales are truly engaging and combine together to make a cohesive tale not just of brats getting their bottoms spanked, but changing the world as they know it. Brat power! More about Nattie’s work can be found at Story Nattie.


Alyx writes lovey lesbian domestic spanking fiction, which is rather rare in the world of spanking fiction, which often tends towards M/F and often uses F/F as mere titillation. Her Cassandra and Nicole series in particular is a wonderful intimate peek into the relationship between spankee and spanker as they navigate real world issues like jealousy, long distance relationships and unsatisfied desire. To read more, check out Alyx on the web here.

[Thank you to Loki Renard for taking the time to be a featured guest columnist on CRR. Visit her on the Web at TroubleBooks.]


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2 thoughts on “Guest Columnist Loki Renard: Favest Spanko Writers”

  1. I’ll admit, I bought a Kindle just to be able to read spanking lit in public…

    Denise Hall and Marin Smith are two of my very favorite authors in the ”pure’ spanking realm. I agree that Fiona Locke is pretty good too. While not truly ‘spanking’ stories from a purist perspective, the Marketplace books by Laura Antoniou are my all-time favorite kinky books.

    There is plenty of drivel out there though, you should start another thread about the ones to avoid.

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