Exclusive Cherry Red Interview: The Poser Spanking Artist

Launched in August of 2009, Poser CP Art is a new spanking art venture offering heaps of custom-crafted, computer-generated spanko art, with luscious details and cherry redness galore.

While I’m not sure if I’m yet a true believer in computer-generated artwork, I do find the website intriguing, and at first glance, many renderings look like photographs, with exquisite detailing.

From Victorian caning scenes to punishment in prisons, this computer wizard can almost magically make your most wildest spanking scenarios and discipline fantasies pop off the page, as he graphically converts pixels into eye-popping illos of perversity.

CRR chatted via email with this artist simply known as The Poser Artist, to get the scoop. [As always, reader comments are most welcome and always appreciated.]

Thank you for taking the time to chat with CRR. It’s interesting noting that there are scores of mainstream adult sites that offer computer-generated x-rated graphics and rendered artwork–how many spanking sites do you think are out there that are focused on this style of art?

While there is a fair amount of computer generated art out there (Maya, 3DSMax, with Poser considered at the “low” end), there’s next to nothing similar to the themes presented at Poser CP Art. That’s a large part of why I created the site.  For my own tastes, it’s (to use a cliche): neither too heavy nor too light.

How exactly do you create these images? I just do not understand how rendering software works whatsoever.

I use Poser 8 computer software.

Do you need a super speedy processor in your computer to use this kind of software?

It’s not necessary, but it helps.  Slower processors can crank out the renders, but it takes longer (I’ve waited 10 or 15 minutes for one to complete, only to chuck it because the eyes weren’t in the right position or I didn’t like the shadowing).

Computer-generated art is such a new concept to my pervy brain–do you consider these renders on the same level, artistically and creatively speaking, as those produced by someone using just, say, a pen and paper?

Theoretically I suppose that one has much more control with pen and paper – but they also need a whole lot more skill to create art at the same level.  From what I’ve seen, only a few pen and paper artists have the creativity and skill and tastes for my own preferences.  Patty, the Spirit, a few others and above all Stanton are among the best.

Are you tweaking pre-existing photos at times, or are most of your renders on your website totally original?


How long does it take to complete an image, from start to finish, from concept to final product?

About one to three hours for an initial setting, half an hour to an hour for follow on renders using the same scene.

Who are some of your favorite artists, within the spanking realm?

Patty, EndArt, a few others and above all Stanton are among the best (for my tastes at least).

Do you enjoy creating M/f as much as F/m or ? i.e. Do you have a fav?

Depends on my mood.  Nope.

What it it like creating illos that fulfill requested fantasies for your site visitors?

I’m happy to report that there are a lot of people out there just like me.  The word “empathy” comes to mind.  Often I know exactly what they’re looking for (and have trouble finding).

Any future plans for your site and cp art?

I have lots of ideas, but the biggest is that I’m using the site to come up to speed on web technology.  I’m considering offering web services to others who might have their own ideas, but not know how to setup and maintain a website.

When you are not creating pervy imagery, what are some of your non-fetish, mainstream hobbies and passions?

Motorcycling, reading (history, literature), trying to learn Spanish and German, jogging and working out.

Thank you!

All imagery within this post courtesy of Poser CP Art.

*  *  *  *  *

Newly updated, try it for free:

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9 thoughts on “Exclusive Cherry Red Interview: The Poser Spanking Artist”

  1. is it just me or are the tushies in these art pics smokin hot? damn I need a girl with a hall of fame hiney to play with, lol!

  2. Well, following your interview, I tried to join and pay thru Paypal. It doesn’t work.
    BTW I use Paypal a lot and have never had this trouble before.

  3. Corey: I agree 🙂

    Catflap: Thx for the heads-up on this issue. I’ve sent a note to the Poser spanking artist on this.

  4. Catflap,

    Wow – thanks, I had no idea there were PayPal problems.

    Every so often I see a failed attempt in the database, and had thought that they had just backed out of completing the transaction.

    A few questions:

    1) What operating system were you using (Windows Vista?, Mac?).

    2) What Browser? (IE 6, Opera, Firefox)

    3) Do you know if you have JavaScript Enabled?

    Thanks! – the Poser Artist

  5. Some nice work. The DAZ Studio people recently made all their base models, including Victoria v4, free, so if anyone fancies trying some CP art of this type, you can have a play in DAZ Studio (again, fee) before thinking about paying for Poser. i’ve had a go of it and am thinking of branching off into doing some 3D stuff for my site, it’s fairly easy to pick up and there’s some great tutorial forums out there.

  6. Yup, got it!

    It may have been partially my fault as I think I pressed the verify paypal button last time and got led up a gumtree. I didn’t like where it was going, so I aborted.

  7. Hi Folks,

    For the next member’s area release, I’m working on illustrating one of the earlier chapters from “The Memoirs of Dolly Morton”, in which a couple of ( attractive and nubile) slave girls casually (since it’s the norm of the time) get the strap from the overseer for not picking their share for the day, while Dolly (an attractive antebellum lady herself) observes the goings on.

    Does anyone have any preferences from the better literature out there they’d like to see? Do you have any favorite works? Please feel free to make some suggestions.

    Thanks! – the Poser Artist

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