Is Soccer Superstar David Beckham a Spanko ??

Heya, wait, so Beckham’s a spanko?? Well I guess I didn’t get the memo. . . Hm. The mind simply reels at the possibilities. [Anyone want to suggest a caption???]

Anyhoo, we are honored and thrilled to once again feature the inimitable master of digitized graphical design wizardy, Mr. Hyde, with his latest cherry red themed PhotoShop fantasy creation: soccer uber-star David Beckham spanking Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, which this blogger had suggested to Mr. H would make a fabtastic spanko graphical parody.

And so it is indeed!  Thank you very much Mr. Hyde.


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5 thoughts on “Is Soccer Superstar David Beckham a Spanko ??”

  1. Dave,it’s been awhile since I have dropped by,you have obviously got into your stride with the blog,well done you.
    I have little time for the Dave & Vicky publicity trail…but now if he was to spank her on live pay-f0r-view TV?
    Well now I just might want to see that.
    Good Luck,

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