Cherry Red Caption Contest: Win a 1-Month Supply of Spanked & Punished Asses from Clare Fonda


Leave a caption in the comment box, for your chance to win spanktastic goodness from Clare Fonda.

What’s up peeps.  Well, it’s been way, way, way, way too long since we had an officially sanctioned “CherryRed Caption Contest,” and this one is generously co-sponsored by the unstoppable Clare Fonda.  For this contest, we have featured above a photo of Clare with the lovely and talented, and to use Clare word’s “doe-eyed vixen” known as Alice Wonder, from Clare’s perverted website Spanked Call Girls.

As chosen by the executive board at Cherry Red HQ, if you are the caption contest winner, you shall thusly hereby and forthwith be awarded with a 1-month pass to the Clare Fonda site of your choice. The last contest garnered I believe 30 or so very awesome entries, so hopefully we’ll get another healthy dose of cool and creative and funny ones.

Commence captioning!

:arrow:MOVIE NEWS: Speaking of the inimitable Clare Fonda, she stars in many ass-sizzling movies featured at Cherry Red Movies, for starters, check out Auntie’s Rules. Love, love those tight jeans in scene 1…..Many folks have requested more vids of Clare Fonda getting spanked hard, and you can see a bunch of steamy scenes in Stepdaughter’s Revenge…..If you dig domestic, My Naughty Daughter with Chloe Elise is delicious…..Watch Clare punish a white-panty clad Sierra Salem(!) in Truancy and Forgery, along with Chelsea Pfeiffer tanning Ms. Woodley. Heavenly….]


Lana spanks Clare on SpankedSweeties [Lana is also interviewed]

Momma Clare punishes Sarah Jane Gregory

Sexy tomboy Sara Faye [in short-shorts!] spanked by James Mitchell

Naughty daughter Lily Anna gets her tight jeans peeled down


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47 thoughts on “Cherry Red Caption Contest: Win a 1-Month Supply of Spanked & Punished Asses from Clare Fonda”

  1. Okay, whatever, I give up now!!! I’m just going to sit here and wait for the invisible hand of the spanking scene to take over the job…..But as for me…count me out, it ain’t happening today!

  2. After Alice took a class in Miming, she learned how to put an invisible wall between Clare and her red tushy.

  3. Although Alice often felt her spankings were unjustified, Claire took great pride in her even-handed approach to discipline.

  4. As Claire tanned her bottom, Alice silently wondered if she could actually kick her legs hard enoug to launch Claire into the wall…

  5. Although it had seemed funny at the time, Alice now realized that coming home drunk and showing her mom the “L” and the “R” she had just tattooed on her butt cheeks was a HUGE mistake!

  6. “I’ve washed my hands of this discussion. You are NOT going to wear dresses to church without panties underneath. Little tramp!!

  7. “I have washed my hands of this discussion. You are NOT allowed to wear dresses to church without panties underneath!!

  8. OK Mr Policeman, you win, I will stop but you have to put away your gun or she will scream louder and the neighbours will complain even more !

  9. Alice said “If you don’t quit rubbing against my heels I will spank you even harder then you ever hoped for”. Claire immediately raised her hands as all the rubbing had done its job.

  10. Ahhh… The dominant traits of the Clairerodactyl (Spankus Clairerodaktulos) are evident as she prepares her prey for their comeuppance…

  11. “No, no, no you do the Australian Crawl like this, I showed you a hundred times. You know tomorrow we are going to the beach!”

  12. Now hold still until that bug that’s been up your ass all day sticks its head out. And this might take a lot more than a couple of smacks, sweetie.

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