Cherry Red Interview: Leia-Ann Woods on Uranus, Ninjas, Phil Collins and More

What’s up peeps. Got Celtics/Lakers on my mind, but gotta get my spank on. Caption contest winner to be announced shortly. Stay tuned. Thank you for all the excellent entries! :eek:

For some wicked bizah reason, we have yet to feature some bloggage on the exquisite spanking model extraordinaire Leia-Ann Woods. Thusly, let’s correct that oversight.

:arrow:Briefly, in other model/website news, Spanked Sweeties has a yum new model April O’Neil; check out Firm Hand’s six(!) fresh new tushy-buns; and Beverly Bacci un-retired along with the return of Juliet Valentina on PunishedBrats.

As you probably know, Leia-Ann has shot with producers such as Northern Spanking, Shadow Lane, Spanked in Uniform as well as Punished Brats, Clare Fonda’s Spanked Call Girls, Bars & Stripes and more.

*****Definitely perv over to her featured page on CherryRedMovies here —  the stand-out film London Derrieres is a swell place to start, as well as “The Great Escape, Part 2.”

Anyway we thought we’d feature Leia in this thrilling spotlight feature, and ask her a few pretty serious queries, as we did recently in this post with Amelia Jane Rutherford.

[You can read all about Leia’s spanktastic adventures at her blog here, and on her main website here.]

Thank you kindly Leia-Ann Woods for the taking the time to participate in this serious interview for CRR.

When’s the last time you were involved in a pillow fight?

1992.  I remember it because I was at boarding school and I was put on Report.  DOOOOOM!

Are Ninja’s real?

Oh yes!

If you could only have one bumper sticker on your car, what would it say?

Get Fucked!

Worst ever movie you have ever seen?

The Island of Dr Moreau

Back in the day of VHS cassettes, where it always said on the case: “Please be kind, rewind,” did you ever *not* rewind the cassette before returning it?

Plenty of times.  I believe in being sadistic.  This is because of all the sadistic acts I suffer as a sub.

What are your thoughts on Princess Leia, from Star Wars?

Like myself she is at her best with a collar and a slave, in her case to Jabba the Hut.

You and God have lunch. Who pays?

God.  He has all the money in the world.  And I have just been preached to over food.

Which planet would you like to visit?

Uranus.  Great name for a planet.

What unlikely song do you secretly like, and will only dance to in the privacy of your room?

“Your Love is Lifting Me” Higher and Higher, by Jackie Wilson.

What is the most embarrassing song on your iPod? [or in your cd collection]

Well I like Genesis (Phil Collins) so anything by them really.

Do you know any Kung Fu?

Yes, I studied and enjoyed Wu-shu at University.

Do you like the song “Single Ladies” (Put a Ring on It) by Beyonce?

Does it make me sound sad if I tell you I have no idea on the song?

When you shampoo your hair, do you “rinse and repeat”? as many bottles often advise? or do you rinse and *not* repeat?

Yes.  I have long hair and to not do so would result in not very clean hair.

Ever been to jail or arrested?

Yes, I was arrested once.  I found the cuffing and escorting out of the club quite a scene for public humiliation 😉

If you had to enter a karoake competition, what song would you choose to sing and why?

I would not sing.  No one deserves that punishment.

If you could be a contestant on one game show, which one would it be?

I have already been a contestant on the British show “The Weakest Link” with Ann Robinson.

Have you ever had a pet rock?

Sadly I have obsidium.  Does that count?

Is the world going to end in 2012?

I have no idea.  We can all hope.

Do you ever talk to yourself and if so, what do you say?

Yes I do, but it was mainly scientific when I was writing up.  Not so bad now all is finished.  Does that mean I am sane now?

Have you ever had a boss at a job, whom you thought may possibly actually be a zombie in disguise?

No, but my partner may be.

What are you most addicted to?

Haribo [candy]

If you were in a pop music supergroup, what would your stage name be? and what would be the name of the band?

Miss Lead.  And The band?  HOT FUZZ of course!


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8 thoughts on “Cherry Red Interview: Leia-Ann Woods on Uranus, Ninjas, Phil Collins and More”

  1. In the words of the great Graham Chapman (Monty Python) Stop this interview! It is getting too silly!

    Leia is one of the nicest girls we have worked with. Ok she is nuts but then so am I 🙂

    Can’t wait to fly her out again to Holland for 2 days of insane fun and making great spanking films



  2. How utterly delightful! And she probably appreciated not being asked all the standard spanking star questions. Good for you Dave. 😎

  3. “I have already been a contestant on the British show “The Weakest Link” with Ann Robinson.”

    Well that’s news to me but I don’t see that, all that often. Thanks for doing the alternative interview, it was most amusing.


  4. Leia Ann nice interview except for that language spanks for that lol .how did you do inweakest link was it a recent show /?,great to see you at Northern spanking and at clares and spanked cheeks etc ,love and spanks ,tim .

  5. Always love these interviews with such wildly creative questions! Excellent inquiries from Dave and hilarious responses from Leia-Ann 😀

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