Amber Pixie Wells: Cured by Dr. Spankenstein?

As many of you may know, the unstoppable Amber Pixie Wells, of PunishedBrats fame, is back home and on the mend after dealing with some health issues. Thankfully, she’s back to her delightfully bratty, and pixielicious ways.

[For more of Pixie, you can can also check out her page here via CherryRedMovies.]

We caught up with the Pixienator briefly via email:

I think everyone in the community is thinking of you, and hope you are feeling better these days??

The care and support I’ve been shown has been absolutely amazing!!  It’s really helped me through some of the dreary days when I was stuck inside the hospital or here at home resting up.  I am thankfully feeling a lot better and should hopefully be finishing up with my treatments in the next couple of weeks.

According to your blog, you had seen a doctor by the name of “Dr. Spankenstein.” Is this true? And hopefully he did not cure your lifelong bratting behavior?

Yes, I was treated by the good Doctor Spankenstein.  But while he has helped me feel a lot better physically, there is no cure for my bratting.  I am apparently a terrible patient who frequently likes to test limits and only follow rules I feel like adhering to.  Shocking, I know.

One day, and I kid you not, my doctor said that I could be so infuriating, I make him want to stab himself with a number 2 pencil.  My inner brat took that as a major win for me.

Generally speaking, are you currently feeling as mischievous, bratty and naughty, and pixielicious, as ever?

I am absolutely feeling back to my normal pixie status!  Can’t keep a good brat down for long … especially during the spring and summer months which are truly meant for forest frolics.

What is the latest, most exciting stuff going on at PunishedBrats  ?

We are planning our next shoot which is just around the corner now.  We will be having the adorable Mischa back to join us and she’s bringing an equally spankable cutie friend of hers too.  I certainly don’t plan on missing this one!  It will feel so good to be back in the saddle and spanked with a paddle.


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5 thoughts on “Amber Pixie Wells: Cured by Dr. Spankenstein?”

  1. Glad she’s feeling better! 🙂 She looks so sweet and innocent in that photo..that’s so deceptive, lol! 🙂

    I must be especially dense today…I just spent a very long time staring at the “idea” emoticon trying to figure out what the lightbulb was. I totally thought it was a buttplug or something. *facepalm* 😳 Have a good day!

  2. Pixie is THE most awesome “Queen Brat” in spanking videos. One look at that angelic doll face and it’s hard to believe anyone could dare to lay a hand…or paddle across her adorable behind. Then when she rolls her eyes and mouths off , it’s easy to see why. As an older brat, I should know better, but I encourage her to continue to act up and rebel as often as possible! The results are quite hilarious. 🙂

  3. Yeah, nice interview Dave. Be good to see Pixie back baring her bottom for the cameras at PB! and that Mischa causes the Chief’s trouser regions to go all bumpy lol! can’t wait to see what’s from their latest shoot soon!

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