Clare Fonda: Spankus Clairerodaktulos?

I know, I know everyone’s super focused on the World….but well, anyhoo, we set a new cherry red record with this most recent caption contest, kindly co-sponsored by Clare Fonda, with over 40 readers submitting cool entries, with heaps of splendid submissions.

The Editorial Board of Directors at Cherry Red HQ, after much debate and discussion, picked this quite creative one as the winner, which was thusly submitted by a reader by the name of “Caption JT Kirk.”

“Ahhh… The dominant traits of the Clairerodactyl (Spankus Clairerodaktulos) are evident as she prepares her prey for their comeuppance…”

Mr. Kirk wins 1 month’s supply of spanked asses from the Clare Fonda site of his his choice. Congrats! 🙂

*  *  *

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:arrow:In Literary News: Ms. Cassandra Park has penned a book that looks most intriguingly spanktastic, entitled “It’s Supposed To Hurt: The Best of the Corporal Consultant,” featuring fiction and essays on our favorite topic. Check out her website for more info.

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:arrow:They Call Him Dallas: Check out the new website look over at Dallas Spanks Hard. Same great taste. Same blistered butts.

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:arrow:News from CherryRedMovies: OK this vid caughty my attention. Famed spankee Heather Stanton in the film “Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 1,” has an amazingly delicious tushy and it’s filmed in eye-popping super hi-def.  Scenes 2 and 3 are especially must-see viewing, though it’s an outrage a shame he didn’t start spanking her sweet posterior over those skin tightttt jeans. Hmm mm and those white panties….and um…errm…oh hi! Sorry… Umm..Anyway, yes, well, you can give it a try for free at CherryRedMovies.

Tight jeans in a useless tangle of jumbled denim pooled at her ankles…her skimpy panties were about to get a serious warming. . . .


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3 thoughts on “Clare Fonda: Spankus Clairerodaktulos?”

  1. Congrats to Caption Kirk on the win! And thanks to Dave and Clare for, once again, putting a little laughter into our otherwise way too serious lives. The caption/comments were hilarious. Can’t wait for the next contest.

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