Lake Brattawak: New Art from Kami Tora

The legendary fetish/spanking illustrator Kami Tora strikes again, and just in time for the start of summer, unveiling a new cinematic spanktastic creation.

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10 Responses to Lake Brattawak: New Art from Kami Tora

  1. Karl Friedrich Gauss says:

    Sweet picture. And great concept to use it as an ad for a fictitious movie.

  2. This is awesome *grin* I say we spankos create a Lake Brattawak…looks like an intriguing vacation spot 😉

    PS, your idea for a vibrating line of spanko toys is excellent 😀 Can I volunteer to be a test bottom?


  3. Paul Leighty says:

    Had me going. I logged onto your vid site and attempted to search for Lake Brattawak. Yuk Yuk. I’m a dork. Great ad and one for the collection. 🙄

  4. Oh my!!! Dave, I have been staring at that ass for 5 mins now and actually “got wood!”!

    must……..resist…….peeking more….


    ps. Got the full size poster?

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  6. Thomas_III says:

    That would be a great premise for a spanking video or story. It actually reminds me of a “Fantasy Friday” that I posted sometime last year or the year before. Hey, it could be the start of a new genre of spanking movies….. I’m already getting new ideas. 😀

  7. cherryred says:

    The people have spoken, Kami Tora. Looks like we need to start casting and filming “Lake Brattawak” very soon! 🙂


    p.s. Mr. Chief. Stop drooling on your keyboard. I sent you the full-size poster.

  8. Kami Tora says:

    Many thanks for the feature Dave, glad y’liked this one. Thanks also, folks for the comments, I really appreciate ’em all!

  9. Paul Leighty says:

    OK. Now I’m super jealous. Can I have the poster too?

  10. cherryred says:

    Kami Tora: It’s always an honor and pleasure featuring you.

    Paul: No probs.


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