Cherry Red Exclusive Interview: The Red-Assed Artistry of Spanking Illustrator Nik Zula

It was with spanko senses tingling that I first stumbled upon the refreshingly fun and light-hearted, yet sexy, spanking artistry of Nik Zula.   Naturally, one just can’t get enough red-assed art, and to discover a fresh and tasty new artist is always a thrill.

His work evokes both the delightful innocence and inherent sexyness of the spanking fetish.  His work has that old-school vibe, that vintage look and retro feel.  And celebrities, superheroes, politicians and more are never safe from his sharp wit and even sharper pencil. . .

We thought we’d ask Nik a few questions on his scarlet-hued creations.

[Nik informed me he’s accepting commissions, so you can contact him through his profile page on the DeviantArt website [registration required.] Or hit me up via email and I can forward it to him.]

a dose of the belt from the boss; spanking art by Nik ZulaHow did you get into drawing spanking themes?

I have been interested in spanking since I was a child. I remember the emotion it caused me watching the spanking scenes in old movies and TV series being only a kid.

Also I remember being fascinated with some spanking sketches seen in old magazines…Today that emotion is lost, but I love the spanking theme, since I love drawing, I can’t avoid drawing spanking themes.

Your artwork is imbued with heapes of good humor and fun. Is that something you strive to achieve?

I can’t conceive spanking as a punishment. For me it is a funny and erotic game, and humor and fun is the character of game.

Where do you get your ideas and inspirations ?

Ideas come from everywhere…I love silly comedy. Most of the situations come from conceiving a universe where these funny situations are possible and typical — thinking about the situations in real life that can end in a spanking cartoon in this parallel world…

Britney Spears gets a much-needed spankingI can not conceive real suffering in my cartoons… every character in my sketches knows that it’s for fun, and enjoys it.

Who do you think is the most spankable celebrity and why? [Editorial Note: That is Britney Spears facing the teacher’s paddle in a Nik Zula classic illo.]

Lots of them…maybe being a celebrity stirs our fantasy and makes her spankable…mmmm. I have seen “Iron Man 2″…and Scarlett Johansson is in the top five surely. And Jessica Biel!!!…and Jessica Alba,  Evangeline Lilly in “Lost.” And Eva Mendez…and Elizabeth Hurley, Natalie Portman…and…and…etc etc.

How long does it take to create a full-color drawing, from start to finish?

I’m rather erratic…but between five and ten hours for full color, and more if it’s something really special.

And finally, how long have you been drawing?

When I was a teenager I took a course of artistic drawing and painting, but seven years ago I began to draw in this humorous, erotic way and I love it…

Thank you for your time Nik, and keep up the wonderful cherry red spanking work!


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11 thoughts on “Cherry Red Exclusive Interview: The Red-Assed Artistry of Spanking Illustrator Nik Zula”

  1. Dave: Shoot me and email me and we can take it from there.

    Web-ed: Thank you, and loving your top-notch website as always.

  2. I love Nik’s art! It’s so evident how much he enjoys creating his masterpieces and that just makes it all the more fun. I love the emblem on Super Woman’s undies and the Britney Spears piece is genius! *grin*

    Truly unique and brilliant artwork. 🙂 Celine

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