The Man of Steel & Spanko News

Going through spanking art withdrawal symptoms once again, and artist Nik Zula, who was interviewed in the previous post, saves the day, by kindly sending me his latest delightful superhero eye candy:

Superman spanking Wonder Woman

Here we see a bun-toasted Wonder Woman, who I have had a serious crush on, armed with her magical lasso or rope.  BTW, I was wondering if you think of Wonder Woman more as a spanker? or spankee?  Any thoughts?

Hm…. Anyway, many thanks to Nik Zula. I know I’m a greedy spanko, but more please!

*  *  *

LOVE YOUR ASSETS: Stay tuned for a forthcoming behind-the-scenes feature article on this bottom blushing film entitled “Bare Assets” from the talented folk at Shadow Lane.  And check out their popular tush-tanning mega sampler Super Spanking Revue 3, now available on-demand, which features 33 highlights from recent vids, featuring 51 performers. Warning: May cause spanko sensory overload.

*  *  *

SPANKTASTIC SUMMER READING: Looking for some cherry-red themed summer reading material? Check out these intriguing e-books by Vivian, and published by Variant Books, regarding how to dole out a spanking. And how to get one. Click on this link HowToGetASpanking.

*  *  *

THY HAND IS FIRM: Shorty shorts, tight jeans, new models and more. The latest butt-blistering updates from Firm Hand continue to sizzle as always.

*  *  *

CAUSE FOR PAWS 2010: The amazing Amber Pixie Wells has announced her annual benefit and fundraiser for animal welfare: Cause for Paws. Check it out!

*  *  *

THE SPANKTASTIC SARAH GREGORY: Congrats to the lovely and talented Sarah Gregory, who has launched her own highly intriguing spanking site. Lots of yummyness there.

*  *  *

WHITE PANTIES ROCK MY WORLD: I was recently obsessing musing over Scene 2 in this ShadowLane film featuring Georgia Gold, and I think it is one of the greatest schoolgirl spankings ever filmed. Your thoughts? I’d definitely say, hmm, Top 5.

*  *  *

NEW SWEETIE ASS: BRYNN AND APRIL: Clare Fonda has a keen eye for the latest ass for spankings. Check out new spanked sweetie Brynn Tyler rocking those daisy dukes(!). Perv over here for the piccies.  And the exquisite April learns a lesson from Mom in these pix.  Love the cherry red panties.  As you may know, Clare also gets her spank on with naughty males wriggling over her lap on her relatively new Clare Spanks Men site, fyi.

*  *  *

**CHERRY RED MOVIES: Updated daily, fresh and tasty. Try it for free**

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2 Responses to The Man of Steel & Spanko News

  1. Haha! This is awesome! I love the attention to detail!! And Wonder Woman is kick ass, spankee or spanker. Though the idea of her as a top just turned me on…;) Hmmmm…. Celine

  2. Gabriella says:

    I have an old Georgia Gold and Ralph Marvell film and she was adorable there, I’ll have to check this one out.

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