Exquisite New Spanking Art by Chris Schmidt

Spanking art by Chris Schmidt

What up peeps. Well, I say, my pulse noticeably quickened when I first set eyes upon this absolutely gorgeous, exquisite illo by professional artist and freelance graphic designer Chris Schmidt.  Guy’s got skills, yo, both with mainstream graphics and comics as well.  I think this might be his first spanking-related illo.

Reader Participation Section: what are your thoughts on this artwork? Holla’ back.

Hmm, well I’d love to frame this one. It’s sexy, understated. Love the intriguing blue tones, her flowing hair, the subtle red hues of a blushing cabernet-colored bottom, large oval brush at the ready, beautifully rendered by Chris’ seasoned hand.

—-I asked Chris what inspired this particular cherry-red themed illo: “I’d like to say there was a specific reason I was inspired to draw this but the truth is it kind of just came to life by itself. Sometimes I like to just let the pencil take control.”

Let us hope this skilled artist plans some more burning bottom themed art in the future, as I think we all have an endless appetite for fresh, tasty, sizzling spanking artistry.

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DAVE’S A BUSY SPANKO: Been a busy ‘lil spanko here at CRR world headquarters.  Got a bunch of thrilling features on global warming in the pipeline, including an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Real Spankings Institute, which really needs to offer me a job.  Do they have some absolutely stunning new models or what? [That is Erin below.] That tushy is hype, for real.

On Real Spankings Institute, the unstoppable Betty teaches Erin a much-needed lesson on behavioral issues and attitude adjustment.

*  *  *  *

SEXUELLE: Just wanted to give a quick blog shout-out. This top-notch blog written by published erotica author Elizabeth Forster, called “Sexuelle” is terribly intriguing and wonderfully written, with heaps of lovely eye candy. Perv on over.

*  *  *  *

CALL HIM THE CANE-IAC: The spanko implement maniac at Cane-iac has been quite busy in his shop this year, launching new items ranging from fearsome looking paddles and canes, to teddy bears that say “Bend Over” and “Spank Me” to all sorts of nifty spanko goods.

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:arrow:***CherryRedMovies is updated just about daily my fellow spankos, for your viewing enjoyment.  It’s super fun and easy. Just pay-per-minute, watch what you wanna’ watch, whenever.  Nothing to join and no monthly fees.

NEW: I put a bunch of my favest tasty red ass screenshots from CRM here on this gallery page.

And you can give CherryRedMovies a whirl for FREE.

Yes, I’m in love with this screen-shot, from the fine film Finishing School Discipline. And, those white panties….umm…well… *faints*


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5 thoughts on “Exquisite New Spanking Art by Chris Schmidt”

  1. Could you please send me the link to this video cause I can’t find it and you didn’t mention which video it’s from 🙁

  2. Wow, the picture by Chris has my mouth hanging open… And I love the Finishing School still too *drool* Good Lord, Dave, a girl could go into some kind of over-stimulation related shock. *grin* I love it. Celine

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