It’s Elementary, My Dear Spankos: Art by Nik Zula

sherlock holmes spanking art by nik zula

Sherlock Holmes-inspired asstastic artwork by the unstoppable Nik Zula, who was recently interviewed on this blog Here.  Thank you Nik!

And I shall certainly look forward to Mr. Zula illustrating Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s other famed works, including “Tales of the Cherry Reddened League,” “The Case of the Five Paddles,” “An Evening in Bratislavia,” “The Case of the Disappearing Derriere,” “The Strange Tale of the Invisible Hairbrush,” and other legendary tales of mystery, intrigue — and toasted buns.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Elementary, My Dear Spankos: Art by Nik Zula”

  1. *grin* That’s really creative!! I like it!! How are you doing Mr. Dave? I’m catching up on your blog today..I’ve fallen so behind with all my bloggie reading lately. I just need more hours in the day 😉 Just a few.

    Are you surviving the heat? What’s new with you? I miss talking to you! Celine

  2. Thank you Dave, for continuing to share such cool artwork from talented artists like Nik Zula!

    This pic is very appropriate as Holmes was a product of the Victorian Era which sounds like a time in history when our kink was building in strength. i.e., apparently the erotica of the time often referenced spanko-related scenarios 🙂

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