Exclusive: Audrey Knight On Her New Website, Red Rears, Real Tears, Blistered Butts and Loving Discipline

The unstoppable, exquisite, and hard-spanking Audrey Knight, whom I’m secretly in love with (sshhhh!), is feverishly hard at work, toiling away on a brand new site, currently under construction, called Spanking360, which will be going live soon.

[You can also read more about the site on Audrey’s official blog Here.]

If sneak preview vids are any indication, this promising new venture will feature some of the hardest cherry-reddening, tushy-tannings on the Interwebs. And Audrey is, without a doubt, one of the most serious and seasoned butt-blazers in the biz.

We here at Cherry Red HQ caught up with Audrey recently to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on what‘s up and what’s new:

Thanks for taking the time to chat the the Cherry Red Report!

Hi Dave! Thanks for chatting with me.  I’m excited to be here!

How are you doing these days?


So what’s the lowdown on your forthcoming new site? and what talent will you be featuring? I think you had mentioned Pixie, for example…..?

Ooh! well, my site is in the final stages of preparation.  I already have more content in the can than my old sites had after a year of being open, and have wonderful models….I’ve done shoots with Amber Pixie Wells — she is a total sweetheart, smart and so much fun to spank.

And yes, of course,  Abigail Whittaker will be on the site.   I’ve also shot with Vanny Gonzales and Juno Albright, Krystina and Mila Rhyzhkov, and many new faces to the scene.  (Check out my model page here — it will be updated as I complete more shoots.)

How are you going to differentiate it from other spank sites?

Great question. That is something I thought about a lot in the planning stages.  It’s my hope to appeal to a wide variety of viewers – with lots of different roles for the actors, some real and some role-play.  Instead of limiting myself to a tiny niche, I hope to satisfy a broad spectrum of spankos by addressing the many facets of spanking.

It was my vision to present a site that offers a little — no, a lot! — of everything — that’s how I picked the name 360 – a whole world of spanking. I also plan to offer a social networking service, forum and chat rooms.  I want Spanking360 to be a well-rounded and easy-to-use hub of spanking that not only entertains, but brings spankos together.

From looking at the preview pix on your blog, the new site looks like a tasty blend of M/f and F/f and F/m as well, which is somewhat rare to see in one site. . .

Yes! Thanks for noticing…  I don’t see much male bottoming on major sites, and always wanted to see a little more.  To make sure I keep a good balance of genres, I ran a poll on my blog, asking viewers to choose their top two favorite kinds of spankings (F/F, F/M, etc.)  I found that F/F was tied with F/M, to my surprise, with M/F spanking popularity trailing behind, and a 5% vote for M/M spankings.

I know that many male tops are offended by seing male bottoms, so I’ve devised a system to separate the male bottoming section from the female bottoming section — and will include a tiny bit of non-gay M/M spanking there, too.   It is a huge site — it has to be in order to appeal to more people — and will have frequent updates in all categories.

From seeing a few clips on your blog, it seems a bit on the harsher side, not sure how I feel about that re: blistered butts and tears and all…but what are your thoughts?

Oooh! I just love tears and blistered bottoms… My personal interests lean toward real disciplinary spankings with truly repentant bottoms…. so, sometimes in shoots I get a little carried away!  You can expect to see a good deal of tears and purple bottoms — but, of course, there will be some more light-hearted spankings (spankings can be lots of fun too!).

I’m proud of the fact that almost every spankee has cried during my shoots — including the incredibly tough Abigail Whittaker and Amber Pixie Wells.  I guess it’s not that I spank brutally, but I love it when a bottom can get catharsis from spankings, and I try to give them that extra psychological push toward tears.  It’s a wonderful experience from the top!

So are you now primarily Topping these days? or no? if so, how did you end up leaning toward that end of the spanko spectrum?

I’ve been a switch since childhood, but I’ve found that my true calling is as a top — it’s an exciting, empowering role that I’ve fallen in love with.  Early on in my relationship with Stefan, he said I was “a top that loves to get spanked.”  His reasoning was that the worst part of receiving a spanking, to me, is not getting my way.

I suppose I naturally lean towards topping….I even dream of spanking naughty bottoms in my sleep, and wake myself up with flapping my arm around… haha!  And, when I see a particularly delectable bubble butt in public, my arm starts tingling, and I admit it’s hard not to stare.   I have a few bottoming shoots in the can for Spanking360 and promised one more shoot for my good friend Dallas, but my public bottoming days are very close to done.

What’s Abigail up to? [pictured at left with Audrey]. She behaving herself?

Are you crazy?!  Haha! Abigail can’t behave!!  Actually, I just talked to her the other day.  She was on one of her nature hikes and is happy and well.  I see and spank her often. [EDITORIAL NOTE: Check out Abi’s interview Here with the Cherry Red Report.]

She is working on an exciting new site of her own, too, with a brilliant concept that I promised not to reveal!  Abigail and I are no longer a couple, of course, but we’re very good friends and our spanking chemistry has only grown more exciting with our changing relationship.

Thank you for your time Audrey, and best of luck with the new site!


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8 thoughts on “Exclusive: Audrey Knight On Her New Website, Red Rears, Real Tears, Blistered Butts and Loving Discipline”

  1. Ahhh!! I think it ate my comment! 🙁 Dammit. I truly enjoyed this interview! The site sounds very hot, I can’t wait to check it out! Love that the content is going to vary as well (f/f, f/m, m/m, etc.) that’s kick ass! *grin* You are both made of win and this totally made my day! Thanks! Celine

  2. I love the prospect of bratting my spanker, exchanging many laughs instead of tears…and carefully walking and sitting on my purple bottom for a few days after.

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