Royal Blush: The Latest From Kami Tora

Hot off the press from famed fetish and spanking artist Kami Tora.  Hope Kami plans on illustrating an entire cherry red-themed 52-card deck….as I’m always in the mood for a friendly game of, say, Blistered Butts Blackjack or Texas Spank ’em.  Anyone wanna’ play?

:arrow:Check out this sizzling Kami Tora playing card, posted last year.

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4 thoughts on “Royal Blush: The Latest From Kami Tora”

  1. I notice that her legs form a diamond pattern to match the suit of the card. And of course the red on her bottom also matches because diamonds is a red suit. Wouldn’t it be a hoot to have a whole deck of Kami Tora playing cards!

  2. hmm very good eye! Did not notice the diamond pattern…

    Will have to find out if Kami plans to create an entire deck of cards–I certainly hope so!

  3. Thanks for the post, Dave.

    Glad y’like it!

    Might take me quite a while to actually do 52 cards, but I’ll just keep chipping away at them!

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