Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Clare Fonda’s Camerman

It’s not an easy job.

But somebody has to do it.

He is known simply as The Cameraman, recording for posterity and deliciously documenting the disciplinary adventures of Clare Fonda’s network of five sites for the past 11 years, including Clare’s flagship site of sizzling spanking and candid interviews: Spanked Sweeties.

Sultry sirens. Recalcitrant rebels. Headstrong honeys.  If there’s spanking going on and the resulting general cherry redness in the posterior region, The Man Known as The Cameraman is in charge of shooting and editing the fetish footage and taking the pix.

CRR chatted with The Camerman to get an inside look at life in the spanking biz, and also get a behind-the-scenes look at Clare’s annual epic of extreme epicness, Exclusive Education, Part 5. [You can also check out some Clare Fonda films available on-demand via her page at CherryRedMovies.]

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Thank you very much for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. For starters, I mean, seriously, for real, you must have a dream job, am I right?

Yes, I have a dream job.  Nothing more to say.

But are there any downsides to this gig, just like at any job? although you are apparently surrounded by scantily-clad, gorgeous models with glowing cherry-red bottoms? i.e. misplaced spanking implements? models blowing off gigs?

Yes, despite all the perks, it is a job and there is work to do and typically there is a lot of work to do in a very short period of time. And the work never ends.

So sometimes after several hours of hard work, while I’m driving home from a shoot, I might think: “Damn, those models were really amazing, I should have stopped and enjoyed that shoot more.”

Indeed! Talk to me about Clare’s annual schoolgirl saga, Exclusive Education 5, now playing at Girl Spanks Girl. Overall, what was that experience like, from your perspective, behind the camera, and editing the footage as well?

I love working on the Exclusive Education shoots.  Clare sometimes lets me throw my two cents into the planning stages.  It is very intense during the shoot trying to make sure we get everything and don’t screw up.  There are challenges you might not typically think of – like working the space and staying out of the second camera guy’s shots.

Will there be a release of outtakes, like a blooper reel ?

Believe it or not, there aren’t many bloopers on these things.  Especially this year.  Lana is usually good for a line or gesture or two – and I think she helped us out again this year – so look for a Lana blooper.  Nothing that will make you pee your pants laughing, however.

I understand that exquisite spankee Elise Graves cried real tears during the shoot. Was that over Clare’s knee or ?

Elise started crying when she was over Lana’s lap.  I don’t think the photos and video even do her tears justice – she was balling, sobbing – the whole water works.  It seemed genuine – but I don’t know – in any case – she gets an A+ in my book for not holding back.

Which model made you laugh the most?

Well Clare and Lana are naturally funny.  Hysterical, really.  Sarah Gregory has a dry sense of humor – so her humor kind of sneaks up on you – then she gives you a big smile to let you know it’s okay to laugh. Marie Elle probably had the funniest performance though – she kept yelling “I wanna go home” in her French accent.

Who do you think was the brattiest?

Usually someone stands out as a brat in the Exclusive Education series – not so much this year.  I guess Nikki Rogue was the closet thing to a brat and she paid for it.

Looking at the 3 spankers featured in EE5, who do you think was the hardest tushy tanner?

I couldn’t say for sure who spanked the hardest of the three tops during this shoot.  Lana is known to be an extremely hard spanker – and it looked like she was the hardest – but Alicia Paniettere was clearly spanking hard as well. And Clare only spanks Sarah in one part – but she brought it big time.  So diplomatically, I say: “three way tie.”

I heard that you you and Clare have a “no boyfriends on the set rule.” What’s the purpose of that rule?

Having a boyfriend drop off his girlfriend/model is normal – he wants to make sure she’s safe, check out the place etc. etc. Here are the cons to having boyfriends who insist on staying on the set during a shoot — taken from actual experiences that have led to this “no boyfriend on the set rule” —

1.  They sometimes try to peek and get into your shot – screwing up what you’re shooting.

2.  They usually make the model or models who are NOT their girlfriend feel awkward – like someone is there getting a free peep show.

3.  They usually try to talk to Clare, the models and worst of all, me – slowing down the shoot with questions/comments.

4.  Sometimes they smell bad – lights are hot – we don’t need any EXTRA smells….

5.  The “good ones” will offer to wait in another room – where they then get on their phone and make lots of noise.

6.  The make suggestions on what to shoot (like we haven’t planned this out already).

7.  They make the model spanking their girlfriend feel uncomfortable – resulting in a very non-verbal, light spanking scene.

8.  Many more – but I don’t want to list them all.

Here are the pros to having a boyfriend on the set.

1. [Blank.]

There you have it.

In regards to your job with Clare, you work on all of Clare Fonda’s sites? Sweeties, etc….?

Yes, I work on all of Clare’s sites.  Our first shoot was in January of 2000 and since then I have probably shot about 98 percent of her material.

Who have been some of the most memorable models to work with and why?

I don’t think I could start naming models because then I could really get myself into trouble.  I have worked with all or nearly all of the top spanking models in the business, and most of them are fantastic! Clare Fonda is my favorite of course.

Clare brings amazing talents to this kinky world – she can be the Cute Church Lady, The Hot Mom, sexy business lady, the Crazy Spanking boss, the slutty etc. etc.  She pulls off all the looks, keeps her body in great shape, doesn’t age, is a true actress and has grown to be a hard spanker.

She keeps shoots light and respects the models.  She is a spanking superstar.  Now again, there are other great ones but I don’t think i can start listing them because I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out….How’s that for PC….

I wonder what draws a lot of these models, who often work in mainstream adult film, into the spanking biz??

We have worked with models who are into spanking, we have worked with some who were curious – and then adult models – who look great and either are fine with getting spanked for money, or sometimes, like Ashli Orion and April O’Neil to name a couple, grew up getting spanked and have enough interest in it to do shoots – and relive the pain… (and sometimes pleasure??)

How long does it take to shoot and edit a video, generally?

No easy answer to how long it takes – the sites have at least 2 cameras [shooting each scene.]  EE5 is taking more time than I imagined it would — I spent over 120 hours working on it, so far, and counting).

So how did you become the main videographer for Clare Fonda?

I was looking for someone like her, she was looking for someone like me.  As I said – it began Jan. 5, 2000 – going strong – hopefully we keep going with no end in site, no pun intended.

Do you shoot stills as well? Is this your full-time, primary gig?

Yes I also shoot the stills.  Shooting fetish content is about half of the work that I do.  I also work on low budget films.

If I were you, I’d have trouble focusing on the video camera, as I’d be terribly distracted by the cherry redness, and I’d probably, say, forget to turn the camera on….So, how do you keep your focus?

It is a job – I know that I’m responsible for doing good camerawork – I take my work very seriously – so this may be a dry and or a disappointing answer – but the work comes first – so I have no trouble focusing on the technical end – though I am human and of course not always perfect….. but I think I usually remember to turn on the camera.

Would you consider yourself a lifelong spanko/spanking enthusiast or ?

I am very interested in the scene.  I have met people with all ranges of interest – I would say I’m somewhere in the middle.

When you are not filming glowing tushy, what are some of your non-spanko, vanilla interests and passions?

Movies are my passion.  And sometimes sports.  So vanilla-wise – I’m typically either working on Fonda stuff, working on a film, or watching a movie and mabye sometimes playing volleyball.

Thank you for your time, and keep up the spankastic work!


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7 thoughts on “Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Clare Fonda’s Camerman”

  1. What a good idea, Dave, to interview the cameraman. Interesting about the boyfriends. Seems like a necessary rule, otherwise the interpersonal dynamics at play would get too “interesting” and would detract from the fantasy world you’re all working to create on set.

  2. The one revelation surprising to me is the boyfriends’ poor hygiene issues. The girls are so hot it’s amazing the guys wouldn’t take more pride in themselves too.

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