Exclusive Interview: Amber Pixie Wells Spanks Naughty Brats Hard — And Here’s Why

Amber Pixie Wells is gettin’ her spank on. YES!

Well, I say, wonderfully spanktastic news.  You may have noticed the legendary spankee and typically cherry red-bottomed Pixie getting all Toppy and spanky in the past few months on PunishedBrats, with the Pixienator deliciously taming incorrigible brats and busting butts.

Amber Pixie Wells spanks hard

We here at Cherry Red HQ are so used to seeing Pixie over a lap, and were simply fascinated to know more about how and why she started tanning tails; her thoughts on switching and spanking; her favest roles to play; Pixie and Lilly Anna’s private spanking sessions, and more. But is she still a spankee at heart?

:arrow: As always, your comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged 🙂 [Also curious to hear if you prefer seeing Pixie as spankee or spanker? or enjoy both? And if you enjoy switching roles as well?]

Thank you Pixie for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report! I recently saw some gorgeous pix on PunishedBrats of you spanking the exquisite Mischa [pictured above] in a schoolgirl scene. What was that scene like? What was the scenario?

I had a blast getting to spank Mischa.  She is so reactive and fun.  I had the role of substitute school disciplinarian who usually administered punishments at the elementary school.  Even though Mischa was a naughty high school student, I felt an elementary style over the knee spanking would do her a world of good as well.

She kicked and flailed as I warmed her backside and then, to make sure the lesson really hit home, I had her sit bare bottomed at a school desk and write lines.  I hate writing lines so I couldn’t help but smirk as I ordered someone else to do so.

You wrote on your blog earlier in the year: “For the longest time I said I was 100% bottom and had no desire to top. But yet recently I did a switching scene with Lily Anna [pictured at right] for Punished Brats and I thoroughly enjoyed it.” So basically, I was wondering what sparked your decision to do this discipline scene with Lily Anna, to be a spanker/a Top, and how did you feel about the whole experience?

I’ve been receiving requests for a very long time to switch and take on the role of a spanker as well as spankee.

Of course as soon as I did so, there were those that were very upset to see me in a new role, but I know it’s impossible to please everyone.

I agreed to switch mainly because I wanted to increase the variety a bit on our site.  Have to shake things up once in a while.

Being such good friends with Lily Anna, I knew that I would feel relatively comfortable in spanking her and could leave the rest of my nervousness for trying to do a disciplinary spanking scene on camera in front of cast and crew.

The scene turned out really well and I find myself comfortable in the roles of the goody two shoes, rule enforcing sister (as I was with Lily Anna and also with Ashley in Party Sister).  Of course Lily Anna did get her chance at revenge and that made it even better.

You had topped before though, right, way back at the beginning of your film career, as I read on your blog, with Ashely Fires in Chelsea Pfeiffer’s “Space Girls” ?

Yes, that was one of the very first shoots I’d ever done.  I’d never spanked anyone before and the style was also different from what I was accustomed to receiving or watching.  The spankings Ashley and I gave one another were to be more sensual as acting as “Space Girls,” we were to be instantly aroused by spanking.

I remember Ashley instructing me to lighten up a bit and showing me where to hold her as we spanked standing up.  I was grateful for the help as I sure needed it.  I think the scene ended up turning out very well in the end though and I know the video continues to be of great interest.

I would assume that being a spankee for so long has given you a special, and very unique, perspective and insight into how to be a really excellent, strict and authoritative spanker?

Yes.  I empathize with the spankee a lot because I have a good idea of what their experiencing.  I do prefer to give my spankings as I like to receive them (hard!) but I make sure to check in extensively to see what the spankee’s limits and preferences are.

When giving the spankings, I then find myself channeling a bit of Veronica and Chelsea as I lecture and interact with the girl over my lap.  I’ve been told I take on a very different tone when in the role of spanker versus spankee.  🙂

From looking at a few preview clips, it certainly looks like you know how to deliciously cherry redden a naughty posterior!

Indeed!  I love to watch as the bottom takes on a lovely red glow and even a few marks all within the safe bounds of play.

What are your favest roles, and scenarios, to play and why?

The goody two shoes sister, teacher, sorority sister, and dorm resident assistant are a few of my favs.  I like to have a little bit of authority (though I might be pushing the boundaries of my power a bit), but I am not yet in a place where I wish to take on the traditional domestic roles of mom, step-mom, aunt, etc.

Since I am still very much a bottom that frequently takes on the role of daughter, student, etc, I am not looking to be cast in the role of the household head maternal figure.

How is getting into the headspace of a stern spanker, a Top, different, if at all, from getting into the headspace, or mindset of a naughty, bratty bottom?

It can actually be very similar to the role of obstinate brat in that I am taking on the attitude that I am right and about to set matters straight.  I also have to defend my point of view as to why the spankee’s behavior was unacceptable just as I’d be pleading my case if roles were reversed.  The main difference is that I have to embrace a stricter tone of voice and demeanor.

Not to over analyze this whole complex topic, but my general sense is that, everyone, be it a spanker or a sub, has to some degree some Toppy tendencies within themselves, and some subby-ness in them. What do you think of that theory?

Perhaps.  I think that we all know what we like to experience and receive from others when we are in our primary roles and that in the right setting, we are able to then channel that when things are reversed.  I know I certainly can top from the bottom.  When in the role of spanker, I’m simply doing the same thing but topping from the top.  LOL.

What is your favest implement when you are punishing a sassy brat?

A nice wide leather strap or leather paddle is great.  While OTK is great, I get a much more comfortable and accurate swing when able to punish a brat in a bent over position.  Of course, I have a lot more power in my swing then so I think said sassy brats much prefer to be over my lap.

Do you plan to continue to keep on switching?

Yes I do.  And several of the other girls on our site have now ventured into switching as well.  Recently, both Lily Anna and Juliet have both been on both the giving and receiving ends.

I really dig what you wrote on your blog on this topic earlier in the year. “So what does this all mean? Am I no longer 100% a bottom? Not at all. I am indeed still 100% bottom and it is still my preferred role, but I am no longer 0% top. I don’t think it’s necessarily an either-or ratio type situation. Just as I can love cats 100%, I can love dogs just as much. There is room in my spanking heart for both and I am enjoying exploring this new side to things.” I love how you explained that! Six months later after writing this, do you feel the same?

I do.  I still know in my heart that I am a bottom.  And when I spank, it’s enjoyable, but still clear to me that I am truly a spankee at heart.

On a side note, your spanktastically awesome annual fundraiser to benefit animal welfare, Cause for Paws seems like another smash success — how did it go this year?

We wrap up this year’s Cause for Paws on Sept 1st and I am once again astounded by the success and generosity of everyone involved.  We kicked it up a level by not only offering the thank you spanking video, but I also agreed to do a couple of short custom videos for larger donations and offered donated items for sale on eBay to help raise funds.

I’ll be doing a raffle drawing for additional donated items and prizes soon for those that have made contributions.  The shelter is going to be astonished that we managed to top last year’s total!!

I also read on your blog that you and Lily Anna are now offering private spanking sessions–what has that experience been like so far?

It’s been fantastic!!!!  I love getting to do these sessions with Lily Anna.  Not only do we make sure to keep one another safe, but with the two of us together, the sessions are twice as fun.  We play really well off one another no matter what style of session we are doing (role play, spanking games, or just spanking for the sake of spanking!) and it really adds to the experience for all involved.

Some of the most fun spanking experiences have been when we’ve been given quizzes, challenges (such as your friend will continue to be spanked until you pack all of your clothes neatly and place them in a certain spot of the room), and games of chance.  I love that bit of the unknown and the thrill of doing something that will impact the spanking we are about to receive.

We have been super fortunate to enjoy all of our sessions so far.  Everyone that we’ve met has been such a pleasure and we are so excited to continue meeting new spanking friends and also meeting up again with those we’ve already had the pleasure of playing with.

Thank you very much Pixie and keep up the wonderful work!

For more preview pix and photos, please visit Punished Brats.


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6 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview: Amber Pixie Wells Spanks Naughty Brats Hard — And Here’s Why”

  1. Lovely interview with a lovely girl so much fun to talk to on her great blog ,punished brats is a very nice site i can recommend to any spanko friend ,best wishes ,tim .

  2. Well I for one immediately jumped on the Pixie-as-a-switch bandwagon just seeing her hand spanking technique introduced to Lily Anna. Most impressive! I am going to find out how that feels on MY bottom late October. Can’t wait Miss SuperBRATTop! 🙂

  3. While I don’t mind seeing Pixie spank another girl, I will always prefer to see her on the receiving end. Pixie’s eyes are her most remarkable feature, and when properly photographed they make her the most soulful submissive around.

    I wouldn’t want to see her spank a guy, though, and not just because I’m a non-switchable male top – she wouldn’t be right for the part, and I doubt she’d be comfortable in the role.

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